Star tattoos: Celebrities who hid their ex’s tattoos

It is not uncommon for a loved one’s name to be inscribed or a motif, a word, a date inscribed on their skin, to be seen as a past error. Many stars fell into this trap and later regretted it. Especially since they are very watchful, they cannot easily hide these course errors.

stars regret tattoos

Fortunately, it is now possible to cover up your tattoos by replacing them with a more neutral pattern or even erasing them almost completely using a laser. But it is not without difficulty, neither in terms of pain, nor in terms of wallet. Indeed, ablative laser sessions are often long, painful, and expensive. As for surgery to remove the skin to place the graft, it is also very expensive and involves significant consequences in addition to anesthesia, which is never free of danger. OfAngelina Jolie To Kaley Cuoco passing by Justin Bieber, Eva Longoria And mel bDiscover these stars who made the mistake of getting head-shaking tattoos for their ex-partners.

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