Star Usain Bolt at the pre-party on the scene one year after the opening ceremony

  • For this celebration, exactly one year before the start of the Paris 2024 Olympics, the organizing committee has chosen a special guest: Usain Bolt, holder of the historic triple treble in athletics.
  • The former Jamaican sprinter presented the Olympic torch and answered questions from Tony Estanguet, president of KOJO.
  • They even set fire to Port Debily, where around 200 supporters had gathered on Tuesday evening.

He brought lightning and flame (or almost)! Usain Bolt entered France on a barge Tuesday afternoon in front of a select audience of athletes, politicians and the media. The organizing committee struck a blow by inviting the Jamaican GOAT, holder of the historic triple treble, to present the Olympic torch, which bears the Paris 2024 stamp.

He also answered questions and interviews with his usual big smile during the two hours he roamed the scene. Not a dress rehearsal but a glimpse of what the opening ceremony might be like a year from now: “It will be very beautiful, I’m sure of it and the flag bearer I want to be, it gives a lot of inspiration and it makes you project yourself.” allows,” says Estelle Moseley, Olympic boxing champion in Rio in 2016 and has already qualified for the Paris Games.

An Anthology Opening Ceremony?

Along with the Jamaican star, nearly a hundred athletes from the French team were in attendance to get a taste of this delicious pre-Olympic sport, or simply to remember the good times. “I’m one of the old ones. I’m already hesitating to go to Tokyo, then to Paris…”, jokes three-time Olympic handball champion and defending champion Luc Abalo, who recently retired from the field to devote himself to his next exhibition . “It’s good to be a part of this party, realizing how crazy this next year is going to be. I will not play but why not consider partnering with your artist projects. ,

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach was also there on Tuesday and could feel the excitement of Paris 2024, especially during a stop at Port Debily, where around 200 supporters were voicing their wishes. “We have high hopes for these games that promise to be brilliant, innovative and inclusive,” he said as he learned to pronounce “goosebumps”. “This opening ceremony on the Seine gives me, I don’t know how to say it in French, Goosebumps. These are moments that neither the spectators nor the athletes will ever forget in their lives.”

target 5th place

And French surfer Johan Defoe is well aware of this as she competes in Tahiti. “In surfing, we are used to being away from the mainland. But of course I will miss it. The perfect plan would be to spend the first week surfing at Tehupo’o, if conditions are good, bring back a medal and get to Paris early to party and see other events”, she explains.

Will she be part of the medal-winning blue squad for which high-performance manager Claude Onesta has significant ambitions? “Everyone talks about fifth place. Every day, we regulate. Competitions give us information and I am confident that we will achieve the most consistent results in French sport for many years. Through electricity or flame?

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