Star Wars Battlefront 3 will not be built, we know why

November 20, 2021, 11:19

Tom Henderson, a well-known whistleblower, revealed why Electronic Arts did not give the green light to Star Wars Battlefront 3. The problem is the high cost of Disney licenses.


  1. DICE studio wanted to start work on Star Wars Battlefront 3.
  2. Electronic Arts disagreed due to expensive licensing fees for Disney.

DICE studio wanted to start work on Star Wars Battlefront 3 however, Electronic Arts did not agree to it and the project went trash. The reason, according to a well-known informant Tom Henderson, there are high licensing costs that make the game sell 20% better than the EA-owned brand in order to pay for itself.

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Rumors about Star Wars Battlefront 3 popped up what what ?? time. So we can assume that what ?? it was on. However, according to an informant, DICE does work over the next installment of the series Battlefieldwhich is in the prototyping phase.

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According to Henderson, the creation of the third installment of Battlefront is not impossible. However, due to the fact that the team was left by the people responsible for Star Wars Battlefront 2 (creative director Dennis Bränvall, game core designer Christian Johannesé and main character designer Guillaume Mroz), it is unlikely.

For many people, Electronic Arts’ decision may seem very strange. Star Wars Battlefront 2 after many updates it is very much appreciated by fans of the series. So much so that a petition arose asking for DLC for which players wanted to pay. When the game was available for free on the Epic Game Store, 19 million players played it, which shows the enormous potential of the brand.

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