Starfield will focus on realism. Bethesda talks about “space Skyrim”

In 2022, plenty of anticipated titles will hit stores, and despite the defeat of Fallout 76, fans of Western RPGs are sure to be eagerly awaiting the Starfield debut. A game that recently also became a console exclusive on Xbox, which was not very pleased with people playing mainly on PlayStation – but that’s another story.

We still know little about Starfield itself, but it will gradually change, e.g. due to a new series of videos prepared by Bethesda. Its first episode has just debuted on the web:

The material shows some new shots on the game engine, we also learn that Starfield will be a game more firmly rooted in reality, which will surely please fans of hardcore sci-fi climates. Todd Howard also revealed that the game will feature two iconic moments when our character enters the world. These are the sequences characteristic of Bethesda games when our character leaves a cave or bunker and sees the open world in the game for the first time. It sounds quite intriguing.

The premiere of Starfield will take place in less than a year, on November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X | S consoles.

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