Starfield with an effective gadget. The smartwatch can be included in the collector’s edition of the game

There are exciting months ahead of players waiting for Bethesda’s new IP to debut – we should be looking forward to the full Starfield Showcase soon. It seems that the promotion of the game will be very extensive, and one of its manifestations will be the release of a watch inspired by a space adventure on the market.

Starfield can definitely be counted among the most anticipated productions of 2022. Bethesda has not yet been tempted to present, although it has been sharing small information about the items for a long time – we already know more and more about exploring new planets, various ecosystems or exploring caves. A few weeks ago, Todd Howard made it clear that he cannot wait for the studio to share the results of its work.

It turns out, however, that not only developers are preparing for Starfield’s November debut. The Wand Company, which has already created several Fallout gadgets, is apparently developing a smartwatch inspired by the “Constellation” watch that the game’s hero has. As you can see in the graphics below, the equipment is characterized by great attention to detail and some interesting features, so it is most likely that it will be a licensed proposition from Bethesda.

From the initial version of the user manual, we can read that the smartwatch will establish a connection via Bluetooth, and in addition to showing basic data such as date and time, it will provide information about the weather, temperature, pressure, sunrise and sunset, and moon phases. The gadget will also contain references to Starfield – one of the screens contains the logo that we could see in many materials related to the game.

It is too early to talk about the Starfield collector’s edition, however, it is possible that the product will be in a special production edition, or it will debut on the market at the time of the premiere of the Microsoft game. So we are waiting for the official presentation of the gadget!

Starfield - smartwatch - 1

Starfield - smartwatch - 2

Starfield - smartwatch - 3


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