Stars named in Jeffrey Epstein documents include Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz

A-list stars named in Jeffrey Epstein files include Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Cate Blanchett and Kevin Spacey

Their mention in no way implies any wrongdoing, just that Hollywood stars also weighed in on the conversation

Newly released documents from the high-profile Jeffrey Epstein court case reveal numerous Hollywood stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz).

Kevin Spacey and Cate Blanchett were also named in previously secret documents unsealed on Wednesday. Bruce Willis was also named in the case of a financier accused of sex trafficking who committed suicide in 2019. The people on the list are associates of Epstein, and there is no indication that anyone on the list knew of his crimes or participated in any criminal conduct.

Their mention in no way implies any wrongdoing, just that the Hollywood star was somehow involved in the conversation. One witness claimed Epstein “would be on the phone a lot,” and at one point said “Oh, that’s Leonardo, or Cate Blanchett or Bruce Willis.” The witness said they Never even met DiCaprio.

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One witness said Epstein “would be on the phone a lot at the time.”(Getty Images)

The files are made up of publicly available material spanning two decades, including newspaper reports, documentaries, interviews and books about the Epstein scandal. They clearly show that Epstein had high-profile friends and was surrounded by Hollywood stars.

Today, Judge Loretta A. Preska unsealed sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in a New York court More than 170 names were linked to the conspiracy. Those named include sexual abuse victims, prosecution witnesses, former Epstein staffers and those who were not involved but were mentioned in passing. The list was released after Preska reviewed documents sought by the Miami Herald from a civil case filed by one of Epstein’s victims that was eventually settled.

New York Judge Loretta Preska ordered hundreds of documents to be unsealed and a 30-page summary of Ms. Sjoberg’s 2015 evidence will also reveal Maxwell’s email account. Many of the records related to the lawsuit have been released publicly over the past few years, but a judge on Monday made a decision on what parts of the records initially withheld for potential privacy reasons and what could be made public about certain people named in the records.

Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson and Prince Andrew are also among the celebrities named in the documents. People named in the records include many of Epstein’s accusers, people who worked for Epstein who told their stories to tabloids, people who served as witnesses in Maxwell’s trial, people who were mentioned in passing during depositions but were not accused of any lewd conduct. people investigating Epstein, including prosecutors, reporters, police detectives and others who had no involvement in or knowledge of Epstein’s crimes.

Epstein was a millionaire known for hobnobbing with celebrities, politicians, billionaires and academic stars. He was initially arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2005 after being accused of soliciting sexual favors from a 14-year-old girl. Dozens of underage girls described similar abuse, but prosecutors allowed the financier to plead guilty in 2008 to one charge involving one of his victims. I have served 13 months in a prison work release program.

Some prominent acquaintances abandoned Epstein after his conviction, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, but many did not. Epstein continued to associate with the rich and famous over the next decade, often through charity work.

The judge said some names in the documents should be blacked out because they would identify people who had been sexually abused. Before being unsealed, the names were listed in court documents as variations of J Doe. Many of the names on the list are people who have been publicly identified as Epstein associates in years of coverage of the case.

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