Startup wants to reduce food waste in Latin America

To date, EatCloud has redistributed over 25,000 tonnes of food, which is equivalent to over 60 million plates of food.


Central America and the Caribbean are among the regions most affected by famine and access to food worldwide. In response to this problem, which is global, was born EatCloud, a Colombian startup that reduces food waste, fights hunger and helps the environment.

Its digital platform helps the food ecosystem avoid waste, save on the logistics cost of final disposal of waste, and delivers ESG analytical data in real time to its customers to improve multiple processes and generate economic, social and environmental impact. allows to do.

According to EatCloud founder and CEO George Coria, “We cannot accept that food waste and hunger co-exist. One of our great achievements is that we have automated the rescue and redistribution of food That which cannot be sold has turned the costly problem of food surplus into a great opportunity to generate economic, social and environmental impact.

To achieve its goal, this venture has based its operations on technologies that are revolutionizing the world today. EatCloud uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. In this way, the startup connects the food ecosystem with food banks and social organizations that serve vulnerable populations, acting as a bridge between food surpluses and those who need them most.

After 2 years of operation, the initiative is present in 230 cities and municipalities in Colombia (in 2023 they start operations in Spain and Mexico, soon operating in Brazil and the United States). Today they manage to connect 1,750 points of sale, plants and distribution centers to the food ecosystem in Colombia.

To date, it has redistributed over 25,000 tonnes of food, equivalent to over 60 million plates of food, saving the industry approximately US$30 million and reducing CO2 emissions by over 1,000 tonnes.

For Marcela Perilla, SAP’s president for the northern region of Latin America and the Caribbean with EatCloud, it’s clear that technology isn’t just an ally for large entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Perilla says, “Innovation enables a greater global purpose and drives sustainable business and growth scenarios for society.”

Today EatCloud is a startup that redistributes the largest amount of food in the world to the fight against hunger.

EatCloud participated in the Social Innomarathon initiative in 2022, a Latin American competition between SAP and SocialLab Technologies. The project seeks to promote influential companies in Latin America that are focused on solving social or environmental problems through sustainable business models.

There he managed to beat hundreds of startups and became the winner of the competition. It mentored them from experts and leaders of the innovation/technology ecosystem in the region to broaden the vision of their business model.

As a result of the ‘Social InnoMarathon’ call, we learned about SAP’s determined approach to impact. It is an organization that helps its clients become smarter, more sustainable and more profitable. EatCloud’s value promises, without a doubt, embody this vision”, said George Correa, CEO of EatCloud.

In addition, he indicated that he hopes that the seed SAP plants in Colombia today can grow rapidly in Latin America and other regions of the world, as well as “a global benchmark for social innovation and triple impact entrepreneurship”. Can be made.”

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