Stassie Karanikolaou Shows off Her Beauty With a Translucent Garment

Looking like a real princess, the young influencer was seen with a revealing dress that allowed her attributes to be admired without any problem.

The young American influencer, Anastasia Karanikolaou once again dazzled everyone after posting a couple of postcards on her profile, in which she made herself look like a queen while posing from the stairs in a revealing dress that allowed her attributes and attributes to be easily admired what he was wearing under the garment.

Recall that the beautiful 24-year-old socialite began to gain popularity in the internet world after her long and close friendship with the cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner became known, thanks to the large collection of photos and videos. that abound on the digital platforms where they appear together. 

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On this occasion Anastasia was not seen with Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, however with her most recent publication through her personal account on the camera’s social network, the famous model caught the attention of thousands of Internet users by exposing her enviable beauty in a sophisticated ensemble that left little to the imagination of her nearly 11 million fans.

As can be seen in the images, Karanikolaou or better known as Stassie Baby on the Instagram platform, wearing an elegant outfit that consisted of a long transparent dress with dozens of feathers at the bottom of the garment, which had an intense cleavage across the chest and back that exposed much of her tanned skin.

The popular Youtuber from California, flaunted her sweeping curves with this translucent garment that very little covered her voluptuous figure in the shape of an hourglass, with which she continues to provoke intense reactions in thousands of users.

“Hate to see me go, but you love to watch me leave;)” is the particular phrase that Anastasia Karanikolaou wrote in the caption of the photographs, which could be translated into Spanish as “you hate to see me leave, but you love to see me leave; ) “.

As expected, the publication did not go unnoticed by its devoted fans, who without delay appeared on the postcards to fill them with a large number of little red hearts, which are about to add 590 thousand reactions of likes.

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