State Aid Declaration: simplified procedure for filling in

A little more than a month after the submission deadline (scheduled for 30.11.2022) the new model of self-declaration state aid, which companies that have received aid from the so-called “umbrella regime” must send to the Inland Revenue.

Although many experts have already completed the compilation of the RS and RU parts of the 2022 Income Forms, making an effort to coordinate the data indicated therein and those of the Self-certification, one can only consider the choice of the Financial Administration to be positive. simplify a fulfillment considered redundant.

The measure signed yesterday, 25.10.2022, the Director of the Agency approves the new version of the document with some changes that make it easier to compile, but could force a new sending of the Income Model.

In summary, the changes are as follows:

Please note that simplified compilation is optionaltherefore the declarant can still fill in the self-declaration according to the ordinary procedures (listing the aids in part A).

The submission of the self-declaration with the updated model and with the simplified compilation method is allowed starting from October 27, 2022.

Taxpayers who have already sent the self-declaration using the previous model are not required to resubmit the model in the new version.

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