‘Stati d’animo e d’cordo’ by Antonio Maggio anticipates the album to be released in 2023 – Il Mohicano

After an intense creative phase and a whole year spent in the recording studio, it’s out ‘States of mind and agreement’ the new song by Anthony May which anticipates the album to be released in 2023. ‘Stati d’animo e d’cordo’ “was born one late summer evening -explains the artist- from a mixture of my moods, those of a friend of mine and… a poster by Lucio Dalla, who seemed to be watching us hanging on the wall and participating in our confessions”. The song, artistically produced by Robert Cardelli and Antonio Maggio, was released on the label Incipit Records and distributed by Egea Music.

In the video clip that accompanies the song “I tried to give form and substance to those states of mind, trying to bring them into harmony in the midst of their turmoil, aspiring to an explanation that would lead to a balance, because the discovery of oneself it necessarily goes from questioning both one’s own beliefs and those of others, debunking respectability and stereotypes. Then there is the element of water, which represents precisely that balance: a symbolic boundary line between the conscious and the subconscious, a flow of sensations, a more or less clear perception that we have of them”.

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