Stealing Lady Gaga’s dogs. The police asks the singer to withhold the award

According to the TMZ portal, citing its sources, the police asked Lady Gaga not to hand over the prize of 500,000 she had promised. dollars to the woman who delivered the stolen French bulldogs to the police station. It is still being determined whether the anonymous woman was in any way related to the bandits. Journalists learned that the police did not believe the woman was involved in the robbery itself, but are still investigating whether she was involved in any way after the fact.

According to TMZ sources, Lady Gaga herself is “more than willing” to pay out the promised reward if the police ultimately determine that she had nothing to do with the robbery.

In addition, the police were to establish that the mere kidnapping of the dogs and shooting their guardian could be related to the initiation process into the gang. The source of the portal informs that previously similar crimes took place in the area of ​​the shootings.

Lady Gaga and her dogs

Stealing Lady Gaga’s dogs

Lady Gaga’s dogs were stolen on Wednesday, February 24, when Ryan Fischer was walking French bulldogs belonging to the singer. The man, walking with animals on the streets of Los Angeles, was at one point shot four times with a semi-automatic weapon, and the perpetrators abducted two French bulldogs. The third one escaped and was found by the police after several minutes.

Injured Ryan Fischer was found by passersby. The man was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles. Fortunately, the wounds did not threaten his life. The singer thanked the man on Instagram, calling him a hero.

Los Angeles police said Friday February 26 at around 18, a possibly “non-seizure” woman brought the dogs to the police station. The singer’s representatives were immediately called, who confirmed that they were indeed kidnapped bulldogs named Koji and Gustav.

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