Publisher’s CEO No More Robots performed an interesting analysis on sales trends on Steam, proposing potential solutions based on the possible causes for the collapse that emerged.

Mike Rose, the CEO of publisher No More Robots, recently carried out a study on the progress of games on Steam, in particular with regards to sales and revenues for developers and publishers, showing a rather negative situation that marks a collapse of the 47% compared to the flow of money recorded in 2018.

You can find data and conclusions in the complete report at this address, it is an extremely clear study even if conducted on a sample of titles that can be considered restricted if compared to the enormity of the Steam catalog, however significant.

As explained in the document, the data was taken from the sites that draw information and sales data from Steam and partly from Steam itself. The sample examined included 170 games released between July and August, after excluding the triple-A titles and considering just 20% of the games that showed the most activity in terms of sales (as Rose points out, considering also the remaining 80 % the average would probably be even worse). On the basis of the data collected, it emerged that on average 1,500 copies of the games are sold, for a total of $ 16,000 earned, always as an average of all the titles analyzed (removing the maximum and minimum points in order to balance and compact the results).

It is a collapse of 70% with regard to the average of copies sold, which in 2018 was 5,000, and 47% with regard to average earnings, which in 2018 amounted to $ 30,000 per game, again with regard to the first year of presence on Steam.

According to Rose, among the explanations for this general decline is the huge amount of titles that invade the Steam catalog every month and that make the visibility of the games difficult, the fact that smaller developers tend to place games with prices too low, which hardly earn enough and do not always have positive effects on sales, given the strong competition of free-to-play games.

Even the presence of new subscription-based services could contribute to the sales and revenue crisis because it affects the perception of the value of the games and creates an important backlog of ready-to-play titles for many users who are not motivated to spend on new titles.

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