Steam, the New Algorithm Is a Catastrophe for Some Indie Developers

It seems that the new Steam algorithm is getting effects contrary to those hoped for, so much so that many indie developers have called it a catastrophe.

According to several indie developers, the new Steam algorithm for recommended games is literally a catastrophe.

On September 12, 2019, Valve announced a change to the Steam algorithm that determines which games will be recommended to users on their pages. In theory, the novelty has the purpose of giving greater visibility to independent titles over the more popular ones, making them advise more often to players who might be interested. However, according to many developers, the exact opposite is happening and their games have literally disappeared from the user’s message boards, with a substantial decrease in additions to wish lists and sales.

TheValve’s original post has more than nine pages of comments full of complaints to this effect, while testimonials on social networks are also starting to multiply.

Currently, it is not possible to say what happened, that is if these are undesirable effects of the algorithm, if there is some bug in it or if past the period of adjustment everything will start to work as it should. Frankly, we do not believe in the will of fraud on Valve’s part, which we hope will soon intervene to remedy the situation.

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