Valve announced when the launch of the new Steam library in the beta will take place: let’s review all the news coming soon.

Valve has announced that the beta of the new library of Steam will start on September 17. As the Bellevue house explains in its official statement, the innovations introduced have been designed in order to improve research and use of the contents.

Through the main page, you can in fact quickly access game updates, the latest recently launched titles, friends’ activities, and collections. “Today we want to present some of the most important features of the new Library and explain how they can help users in this regard,” writes Valve. Here are more details:

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that we’ll launch a fantastic new main page for your Library. This new page gives you quick access to game updates, recently launched titles, friend activity, and your collections.

Stay up to date on your games and friends

It will be easier for you to stay up to date with changes to your games and to know who is playing. One of the things that we know to be appreciated by users on Steam is the fact that we can be directly involved with games as they evolve over time. With the new Library it will be easier to see if a game has been updated and, thanks to the new event functionality, learn more about an update and why you should try it.

It will also be easier to see the activities of your friends and the titles they are currently playing. You will be able to see the titles your friends have played in the past directly from the main Library page and the titles they are currently playing from your game list. With all this new information, you certainly won’t miss the moment when your friends will discuss replaying Portal 2 last weekend.

Keep up with your games thanks to Events

It is likely that there are games in your Library that have received incredible updates or organized limited-time events without you ever becoming aware of them. Well, those days are over. We decided to implement a section of the Library dedicated to events that can help you stay informed about all the great news of the games in your possession without bombarding you with notifications.

Highlighting these updates is important for both players and developers. If you are a developer, surely it will not have been easy to let people know that you have released a major update to your game, especially to players who have switched to other titles. Now this problem has been solved. Starting today, developers will have access to all the new event creation tools to show directly in the new Library (click here to learn more about the new event-related tools).

Not all events must correspond to a major update. The new event tool lets you communicate more easily with the players and share with them a live broadcast of the developers, a Community challenge, an image created by the fans and much more.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.



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