The valve was condemned by French courts for preventing the resale of used digital games on Steam, preceded by unpredictable consequences.

The valve was sentenced by the French court for preventing the sale of used games on Steam.

The UFC-Que Choisir, the French consumer association, won the lawsuit brought to Valve for the impossibility of reselling the games used on Steam.

On September 17, 2019, the Paris Regional Court ruled that Valve will have to cancel some of the clauses imposed by the Steam license agreement, the most significant of which prohibits the resale of video games purchased in the digital store.

The problem detected by the court would be that substantially the Steam license does not provide any form of resale of dematerialized games (not related to any physical support), which would be a violation of consumer rights, which can instead resell used games in format physical. In short, the defense thesis focused on the fact that on Steam you do not actually buy the game, but the license to use it indefinitely, was not enough for the court, that referring to some European Union directives, the 2001 / 29 / EC and 2009/24 / EC, finally sentenced Valve.

The possible effects of the ruling across Europe, listed on Reddit by the user BetaKeyTakeaway, could be really nefarious and risk forcing Valve, and most digital stores cascade, to profoundly modify licensing agreements for Europe. For example Steam could start selling games only by subscription, with the amount paid that would give access to the game only for a certain period of time; Early Access games would disappear, because Steam was held responsible by the judges for the beta versions; there may be no more free updates, as being able to resell the games would have a very negative effect on developers’ revenue; the resalable game servers could be closed earlier; no more discounts but only reduced game prices; far fewer offline games and longer, grind-filled games; The European Union could become a separate market like the Chinese one and many games may no longer come from our country.

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The scenario described seems a bit too apocalyptic, but there is no doubt that the risks are very high and that this story is likely to have profound consequences for all PC and non-PC players.

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