Stefan Kuntz’s assessment on the Armenia match – last minute sports news

In the 2024 European Football Championship qualifiers, the national team played a 1–1 draw with Armenia.

After the match, national team coach Stefan Kuntz made a statement.

Kuntz, who began his speech by evaluating the 90 minutes, said, “We think we showed our game on the field in the first half. We put Armenia under pressure. The only thing I can criticize about is the first half. It was that we couldn’t do it.” score a goal. I think the players probably lost their confidence after the half. The goal resulted from a positional error and a miss by two players. Despite this, the team tried to protest and the players protested, especially after the substitution. In the end, we were successful in scoring the goal. The positive we can see is that the team did not give up till the last moment, the negative we can see is that our shortcomings became visible on the field,” he said.

“We could have played a little faster in the first half”

Kuntz also said about the match, “I’m trying to analyze and make the right decisions with a cool mind. The stands supported us very well. We could have played a little faster in the first half. Despite that we won 5- Got ahead of.” 6 place. In such matches sometimes you can see that the striker who can score goals is missing,” he said in a statement.

Stefan Kuntz finished his talk this way: “I told the team. Nobody is giving us anything as a gift. We need to get 6 points in the matches in October.”

Answer to resignation question

Kuntz said in response to the criticisms and the question of resignation, “Who are they criticizing? We went into about 8-10 positions. We couldn’t turn them into targets. For example, is it them?” He replied.

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