Stefano Cucchi, the reasons for the conviction of 8 carabinieri: “Version packaged on death so as not to undermine the career of the leaders”

The two annotations were modified to bring up Stephen Cucchi like one that “He was sick of his own” because thin, drug addict, epileptic ”and the version about his death was “Packaged” to exclude the involvement of the territorial leaders, protecting their image and career. There was, in short, “A diversionary activity” to “remove the suspicious which fell on the carabinieri “. In the reasons of the sentence with which he condemned last April 8 carabinieri accused of having misled the investigations into the death of the Roman surveyor, which took place inOctober 2009 a week after his arrest, the single judge of Rome Roberto Nespeca has no doubts. Everything was orchestrated in the barracks to keep the chain of command out of the courtroom.

“The official version of the Carabinieri on the death of Stefano Cucchi” was “packaged” excluding any possible involvement of the military so that theimage and the career of the vertices territorial and, in particular, the commander of the Rome Group, Alessandro Casarsawas not undermined ”, we read in the more than 400 pages in which the reasons for the sentence a 5 years of General Casarsa, at 4 years of Francesco Cavallo And Luciano Soligoat 2 and a half years of Luca De Ciannione year and 9 months for Tiziano Testarmataa year and 3 months for Francesco Di Sanoone year and three months for Lorenzo Sabatino and a year and nine months for Massimiliano Colombo Labriola. The accusations against the eight soldiers of the Arma, in various capacities and depending on their positions, range from falseto the aiding and abettingatomitted complaint And slander. On April 4th it closed in Cassationwith a sentence a 12 years of prison, the trial ad Alessio Di Bernardo And Raffaele D’Alessandrothe two carabinieri who beat up Cucchi after his arrest, causing his death: they were both held definitively responsible for Pre-Intentional Murder.

“It is also proven – writes judge Nespeca – that the content of the annotations was modified, on October 27, 2009according to the indications of commander Casarsa, modifications that had been solicited through his ‘right arm’Colonel Francesco Cavallo, by the commander of the Carabinieri Company MontesacroLuciano Soligo, on whom the Tor Sapienza Station, hierarchical superior of the two signatories “. During the trial instructed by pm Giovanni Musaròwe read in the reasons, it emerged and was ascertained “a diversion activity put in place in the immediacy of the death” of Cucchi “aimed at averting the suspicions that fell on carabinieri to avoid possible repercussions on the apex of command of the Capitoline territory “. All the defendants, the judge ruled, had the “awareness” that through those conduct “it was possible to modify and alter the content of the annotations, thus making it possible to represent a Stefano Cucchi who was ill on his own, because thindrug addict, epileptic”.

The single judge also writes that “the further conduct carried out in 2015in the context of the new investigations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, were aimed at concealing those of forgery dating back to 2009 ″ involving Casarsa and Cavallo “in service at that time at the Provincial Command of Rome, adjacent to the office of the Commander of the Department Operative, Colonel Lorenzo Sabatino ”considered“ la quality of the protagonists and gods relationships among some of them “. While the facts dating back to 2018, during the hearing of Cucchi bisaccording to the judge, they had “the purpose of debase there credibility from Riccardo Casamassimarelevant witness for the accusatory hypothesis “.

“It must be considered – the reasons still read – that the falsification of the two annotations had the purpose of diverting attention from the work of the carabinieri so as to avoid any involvement of the Commander of the Rome Carabinieri Group, Colonel Alessandro Casarsa, considering that the image of the Capitoline weapon was media exposed and that other soldiers had already been involved in serious facts in damage of the president of the Lazio Region ” Pietro Marrazzo. Removing suspicions from the carabinieri, the judge always writes, “he certainly could not put himself in discussion the command action “by the top of the Rome Carabinieri Group Command” whose figure risked being at least weakened from the affair, even more so after the events that involved the president of the Lazio Region “.

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