Stepbrother slanders Meghan Markle. “She will ruin his life”

Meghan Markle recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and just a few days later, the discussion about her contacts with her family flared up again. All thanks to the stepbrother of Prince Harry’s wife. Thomas Markle Jr. joined the participants of Australia’s Big Brother VIP and said a few unpleasant words about Meghan Markle in the announcement of the production.

Stepbrother of Meghan Markle about a conversation with Prince Harry

– I am the brother of Meghan Markle – said the man at the beginning, and later in the short speech, in one sentence he related the conversation he was about to have with Prince Harry. “I told him she would ruin his life,” continued Thomas Markle Jr.


Meghan Markle’s relations with her family have long been watched by the media. Recently, Meghan Markle’s father informed that he does not rule out that he will fight in court for the right to see his grandchildren. Thomas Markle claims that his health deteriorated due to family quarrels and that if the situation does not change, that is, if his daughter still does not allow him to meet her grandchildren, he will take the case to court.

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