Stéphanie from Munich, have you ever seen her daughter? Beyond belief…

Stéphanie from Munich, who is your daughter? A young woman so beautiful that she is from another planet. She surely she is one of the most fascinating royals in the world. That’s who it is.

Have you ever seen the beautiful daughter of Stéphanie of Monaco. The girl is of a disarming beauty, some have seen a resemblance to the famous grandmother, movie star Grace Kelly.

The rebellious princess

Born in 1965, Stéphanie she is the third of the princess’s children Grace Kelly and the prince Rainier III of Monacoas well as younger sister of Carolina and Albert II. Recognized by all at the royal palace as “The rebel princess”has given the company several headaches over the years Grimaldi family.

Compared to the other members of the illustrious family, Stéphanie has really experienced everything in her life. She didn’t just limit herself to the role of her from princess but tried to lead a life different from that of his brothers.

Among the different experiences that have seen her as protagonist Stéphanie was even a famous fashion designer. In fact, he also created his own costume brand there Pool Position which has been very successful. In 1986 she devoted herself instead to music: for a short period he recorded songs and even an album.

If the professional life has been eventful, the sentimental one of the Princess is no less. After a first marriage with Daniel Ducruet ended badly, it seems because of the betrayal accomplished by her with Raymond Gottlieb, one of his bodyguards later found love with the circus performer Adans Lopez Peres.

The princess had three children: Louis, Pauline and Camille. All really beautiful but there is above all one of her two daughters who struck everyone for her extraordinary beauty.

Who is the beautiful daughter of Stéphanie?

Stéphanie of Monaco she is a happy and proud mother of her three wonderful children: Louis born in 1992 and Pauline born in 1994. Both are the fruit of love with her ex husband Daniel Ducruet. Later, in 1998, the princess also became a mother of Camille who was born of an extramarital affair with her bodyguard, Jean Raymond Gottlieb. The third child is the center of attention for her beauty.

Have you ever seen it? She is really beautiful. Camilla is Louis and Pauline’s half-sister and because she was born out of wedlock he is not a legitimate descendant to the Monegasque throne.

Fair complexion, blond hair, blue eyes is a sight. The resemblance to the grandmother Grace Kelly is the first thing that the beauty of the young girl arouses in the beholder. Many of her have defined it the heir of the former actress considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Also Camille does not lack charm and elegance. What do we know about her? Unfortunately Camille will never be able to become heir to the Monegasque throne like her brothers because she was born from an extramarital affair even if this “destiny” does not seem to matter to her.

His life is focused on something else. Defined as a royal palace ‘the nomad’ she is rebellious just like mom. Passionate about cinema and theater but also sports and especially football often is the protagonist of the Monegasque nightlife.

Unfortunately, there is not much other information about her. However, we know that he set up a foundation with the aim of raising awareness among young people on the devastating effects of alcohol.

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