Stephen Curry, a perfect man? The NBA star sang on stage with a cult rock band from the 2000s and he assured Lemberger Zeitung

There are people for whom everything seems easy. But like absolutely everything. No matter the situation, they will never look ridiculous. If you do not feel concerned (me neither), know that it is the case of Stephen Curry. The 35-year-old point guard of the Golden State Warriors franchise in the NBA, who helped change the game with his exceptional skill (he is regularly considered the best shooter in the history of the American league), was notably crowned four-time champion, twice voted best player and has a whole host of records to his credit.

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As if that weren’t enough to make us jealous, he’s also particularly good at golf, at least when he has the time to put in a few rounds, and with his storied career he’s guaranteed to be armored for generations to come. – his earnings are estimated to date at $300 million, and that’s without counting on the fact that he is the face of the Under Armor brand.

Finally, in addition to all this incredible success on the professional side, his personal life is just as successful. Married since 2011, the sportsman is the father of two absolutely adorable little girls and an equally cute boy who have the same angel face as him. In short, you will have understood, absolutely EVERYTHING works for him.

And the worst part of it all? He still has a hidden talent that has enough to make us angry: Stephen Curry is far from being bad at singing. The proof, to everyone’s surprise, he has just made a remarkable appearance at a concert by a cult rock group from the 2000s… Paramore !

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