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WhatsApp It has attracted the attention of some users due to the large number of features that will be rolled out in the coming weeks, such as artificial intelligence, the ability to create stickers without a program, and even the ability to change the overall color of the platform.

However, many people won’t enjoy future updates on January 31st because they already Failure to comply with rules and conditions of WhatsApp. How to avoid Meta application penalties? Well, it’s very simple.

look: Due to these reasons, your WhatsApp account will be suspended on January 31st

Just follow the steps below so your account isn’t suspended for any reason at the end of the month. Here we tell you.

How to prevent Meta from closing your account on January 31st

  • The first thing you should do is uninstall WhatsApp Plus from your phone. This APK is not only harmful to you, but also to your contacts because the conversations are not encrypted and any third party can easily view and leak them.
  • You also shouldn’t send the same messages to your contacts too often. If you have to deal with an emergency, it’s best to use the famous “broadcast list”.
  • You don’t have to send messages to strangers, either. The person you want to message had better register you on their number list, otherwise they may block you or simply report you.
  • Check that you are not receiving programs, viruses, movies, etc. Otherwise, if you send it to others, you will be sanctioned quickly. If you are the affected person, it is best to delete the message.
  • After making these suggestions on WhatsApp, always try to save a backup copy so that all the bad stuff is eliminated and you can use the app throughout 2024.

Why your WhatsApp account will be suspended on January 31st

  • You should not spam or message all your friends at the same time. This may jeopardize your account and WhatsApp may close it or temporarily sanction you. Be especially careful.
  • If you send a large number of messages and end up being blocked by a large number of people, you will also be sanctioned for a reasonable period of time and may even be banned for activities outside of WhatsApp regulations.
  • Sending adult content is also strictly prohibited on WhatsApp. This means that if you send such files within the application, your conversation may be interrupted.
  • When it comes to third-party apps, although they already have some type of anti-ban, they can be harmful to your conversations. APKs such as WhatsApp Plus, iPhone-style WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, etc. will be able to close your account.
  • One detail you should know is that you will also be penalized by WhatsApp if you forward the message to more than 5 people. Try waiting for a while or using a well-known broadcast list to avoid problems.

How to use iPhone WhatsApp emoticons on Android

  • The first thing you should do is download the zFont app on your Android phone.
  • If you can’t find the app then just use this app association.
  • Now open the keyboard and you have to download the latest iOS version of the emoji pack.
  • To do this, just click “Download” and then “Settings.”
  • The app will ask you to select the phone model you want the emoji for. Choose iPhone.

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