“Steve Kerr is a liar! When Curry…”

Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr have worked with the Warriors for many years now. Obviously, renewal is essential to continue winning and during an interview, the coach talked about his tactical changes, then saw himself being badly taken back…

For nearly 10 years, Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr work together at the Warriors. After the many successes, knowing how to renew yourself is important to stay at the highest level, and the recent arrival of Chris Paul will allow Golden State to develop new patterns. In an interview for Sports Illustratedthe coach confides that he found his team’s way of attacking in circles:

Chris Paul is an incredible competitor, one of the best in history in my opinion. He’s smart and he controls the games. I think our team needed another way to attack last season. It was a little too much the same all the time with the high pick and roll for Stephen Curry. We needed another playmaker to give us a slightly different look.

After his release, Steve Kerr dragged through the mud!

When we know the level of performance of Stephen Curry, we can find this quite hard. The high pick and roll has been the signature system of the Warriors and the Chef for many years, and has allowed them to walk the league with 4 titles in 8 seasons… Following this statement, podcast host and analyst Jim Park has required to express himself in detail and does not share the opinion of the coach:

Steve Kerr is a liar, when Curry uses the high pick and roll, it’s a deadly weapon for the Warriors which has earned them four rings. They literally won a title like that a year ago, except that with Mike Brown as assistant, they went copiously towards the PnR high from the start of the playoffs. To say it’s suddenly one-dimensional is dishonest and actually quite disgusting because it’s so disrespectful to Curry.

Also (…), does he suggest that offensive moves are unnecessary? Because that’s what they’ve been lacking for a lot of the season and through the playoffs, and he kind of says they were one-dimensional with the PnR high. Like it’s all they’ve ever used, which again is a blatant lie. I feel good about the Warriors for next season, but if there’s one guy who can somehow screw it up, it’s him.

If the contribution of Chris Paul will clearly be seen for the Dubs, it will however not be necessary to completely distort the game of the team. She’s had a recipe that works for ten years now, with Chef Curry as her main weapon, and if he ever changes everything without success, the famous coach could justify all the criticism he’s been getting lately. Next season will be exciting to watch in San Francisco…

With the arrival of Chris Paul, Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr will have to adapt so that next season goes as it should. However, some observers are afraid of what the coach has in store and above all do not want the Chef to be disrespected…

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