still a bomb after three children!

Megan Fox diet

Megan Fox diet

From Megan Fox’s veiled look at the 2021 VMAs to her Skims campaign with Kourtney Kardashian, it’s evident she has an incredible physique. After three children, she is still in top form.

Megan focuses on eating foods that are not only nutritionally healthy, but that make her feel good about herself and her body. She stays away from anything that is processed or high in carbohydrates. “Eat super healthy,” said Megan’s boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly. “Everything is gluten-free and organic on its menu”.

More specifically, Megan follows a five-step diet, established by her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak. Typically, she eats three small meals a day and two more substantial snacks in between, according to rumors. Each meal is all about building nutrition that allows Megan to feel energized and confident to face her days as an actress, model and mom.

Ready to know what Megan eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


Megan starts her day with a full breakfast: egg whites, almonds and oatmeal. “With my clients, we focus on protein, fiber and healthy fats,” Pasternak told reporters. Almonds are the richest nut in fiber, vitamin E and riboflavin. Previous rumors show that the whites of a large egg have about 4 grams of protein. Almonds have around 6 grams of plant-based protein, so in total, Megan has enough protein in her breakfast to keep her full for a few hours.

While Megan stays away from alcohol and energy drinks, she indulges in coffee in the morning. “The worst thing I put in my body is coffee once a day!” She stated recently.


Grilled chicken or salmon salads are typically Megan’s main dish for lunch. Pasternak recommends that chicken or fish be the size of a hand. Portion control is key to all of Megan’s small meals. Apple cider vinegar has also been reported as part of Megan’s diet, especially if she’s focusing on weight loss. Sometimes Megan dresses her lunch salad with an apple cider vinaigrette or some other light dressing.

Let’s say that Megan, at lunch, doesn’t risk too much, but focuses on chicken and fish, which are totally approved by her coach. The risk, however, is sometimes not negative, especially at NetBet casino!


If Megan hasn’t eaten salmon for lunch, she’ll eat it for dinner. “Megan Fox finally listened to me… she is now a salmon fan. She eats salmon at least once a day. She eats a bunch of salmon sashimi with a cucumber salad and a miso soup and some edamame, ”Pasternak said of what her celebrity customers eat.

Her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly only confirmed Megan’s love of sushi and Japanese foods: “She’s probably ordering sushi,” she said. “My menu is like Shake Shack, cheeseburger”. But he also admitted that she would like to start eating healthier like Megan; so perhaps Pasternak will gain another follower of the five-step diet in the coming months.


Casual snacks aren’t quite Megan’s thing, but she has two planned snacks a day: one between breakfast and lunch, and the other either between lunch and dinner or after dinner. Smoothies are one of Megan’s favorite snacks, and she has some delicious recipes courtesy of Pastnerak. “Megan’s favorite is the red smoothie, which consists of any seasonal berries, Chai tea, a scoop of protein powder and some almond milk,” Pasternak told an interviewer in 2021. Megan loves also protein shakes during the day and fruit in the evening. Since she doesn’t eat a lot of carbohydrates, fruit is a healthy source for incorporating that food group into her diet.

Ilary Blasi’s diet: benefits

As he has repeatedly told in the various interviews he has granted, Ilary Blasi’s diet is based on simplicity of certain dishes. It is a regimen considered a kind of beauty elixir because it allows her to be in great and enviable shape. In addition, it is a diet that follows thanks to the advice of an expert who has customized it according to his needs.

A very well balanced and balanced regimen that allows you to be in shape, even if you have to face a phase like pregnancy. It is based on very simple and varied foods, without too many sacrifices or sacrifices. A regime that everyone can follow to be able to be in shape just like the well-known conductor.

Ilary Blasi’s diet is balanced and healthy, as well as being rich in all those nutrients that are essential for the well-being of the organism. It does not include a lot of proteins, but carbohydrates can be consumed (see pasta for dinner). A regime particularly appreciated since some aspects are reminiscent of the Mediterranean diet.

A healthy, correct, pleasant diet to follow also because it is tasty and satiating, but without getting too heavy or overdoing it. Training, along with diet, is definitely a secret that allows Ilary Blasi to be so fit at all times and occasions.

Megax Fox Diet: Supplement

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