Sting also on condominiums. Increase up to 50% – here’s why

Expensive energy not only inflates domestic bills but also condominium bills, also affecting management and administration services.

Increases that have already manifested themselves over the last few months and that, starting from October, will become even more sensitive. Confartamministratori denounces the explosion in the prices of all services, starting from the 40% increase to empty the condominium septic tanks.

The increases therefore affect the work of all professionals who guarantee the cleanliness, order and safety of any condominium. Abiconf, another association that brings together condominium administrators, confirms that the estimated increases of up to 30-40% have proved too optimistic.

The condominiums nerve centers

The last 24 months have been particularly delicate for condominiums, more animated by clauses, by Smart working and also by those who have lost their jobs by staying more time at home. This has generated a natural increase in maintenance costs which, with the rise in energy costs, have had an increasingly marked impact on the condominium installments. Then, the explosion in prices, it poured like an avalanche on those who live in an apartment building. The cost-energy prompted all service and works providers to revise their respective tariffs upwards. The result can be summarized in short: the expenses estimated by the condominium administrators for 2022 must be revised upwards by 40-50% and, for 2023, increases of up to 100% are expected. This means that those who pay 1,000 euros a year in condominium expenses will pay 2,000 in 2023.

Confartamministratori, referring to part of Tuscany, argues that the level of arrears among tenants is stable at 10-12% but that a progressive increase in the coming months is not entirely unexpected. People struggle more and arrears accumulate quite quickly.

In some areas of Rome, however, the situation is more serious: the Assiac, the Association of Condominium Administrators, explains that in some condominiums the suppliers have already turned off the gas and suggests that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Also in Rome, the association of administrators Aiac, has made it known that the increases in condominium expenses will settle between 35% -40%, provided, however, that the tenants assume virtuous attitudes, otherwise the increases could be even higher.

Added to this is that some managers are asking condominiums for more guarantees than those agreed at the time the supply contract was concluded. In one case an additional deposit of 30 thousand euros was requested.

Abiconf even talks about the need to correct the financial statements of individual condominiums using extraordinary installments and, while acknowledging a widespread elasticity of suppliers willing to dilute the proceeds relating to the services performed over time, stresses that postponing debts over time is never a solution.

Last but not least, condominium administrators also find themselves in the position of having to adjust their rates upwards.

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