Stoch’s and Doleżal’s reactions say it all. “Poles have no idea”

The ninth place after the first round, despite Kamil Stoch’s still rather weak jump, gave a chance that although the Pole still does not reach the appropriate distances, he will somehow be able to get high in the Sunday competition.

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Polish jumpers failed again. “A gentle shake is needed”

Stoch angry and frustrated again. “It seems to me that something is still missing”

But his jump to 116.5 meters in the second round even threw him out of the top ten. It ended up in eleventh place and was a big disappointment. Stoch was furious, just after the jump he jumped several times, and a moment later he just had a sad, frustrated jumper face.

– First of all, there is a lot of hunger, a bit of confusion and simple anger. One would like more. I feel that it is all right, but also for the top ten, near its end. But nothing more. It seems to me that something is still missing. That something is missing. Something that would allow me to jump this few meters further – assessed Stoch.

Crisis conference in PZN.  Malysz: Crisis conference in PZN. Małysz: “You have to close a chapter and open a new one”

– You have to calm down and wait, be patient, and then keep working. I don’t feel comfortable enough to be sure it will all work out. Something seems to be missing. I have to control it somehow or else other bugs will emerge. I know how hard I worked all summer, what the training was like. I know what I can do. If I can win a training series or qualifications, it means that I can also jump in competitions. Only the need for this little something that is still missing – described Stoch. In an interview with journalists, he shrugged his shoulders several times. It was evident how much helplessness the Polish jumper feels.

Doleżal: If we panicked, it would have ended even worse

The same gesture, unfortunately, was also made by coach Michal Doleżal. – We were hoping for more. Friday and Saturday looked like a step forward. But it was different. Is Kamil and the rest there? I was still counting on Piotrek, because it looked better earlier. I need to talk to him here. There are emotions, a lot of thoughts in the head. In the evening we have a meeting at the hotel where several decisions will be made – Doleżal announced. Adam Ma³ysz spoke about the same meeting.

Piotr Żyła and Apoloniusz TajnerEven Tajner was no longer an optimist. The President of PZN announces that he will take action

– The idea is the same. The players know what to do. The task is simple: to jump off the leg. But it doesn’t. We can’t panic yet, we are waiting for now. It did not look, but Kamil is close, Piotrek could also be, and with Dawid it is still a matter of 1-2 jumps. I believe it. We stick together. The atmosphere will surely be different later on. We do not count on miracles. We have to work every day and stay calm. If we panicked, it would have ended even worse – assessed the Czech Polish coach.

Crushing statistics.  It has not been such a terrible start to the season in 6 years!Crushing statistics. It has not been such a terrible start to the season in 6 years!

The next World Cup competition is scheduled for December 10-12 in Klingenthal, Germany. There will be two individual competitions. Live coverage on and in the LIVE application.

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