Stock market: Europe lima but confirmed rise, Milan + 1.5% – Economy

European stock exchanges, while filing, they confirm the good step after the cautious start of Wall Street and the hopes of a truce in Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke of “progress” in negotiations with Kiev.

The area index of the Old Continent, the stoxx 600, gains over 2 percentage points with purchases that mainly reward titles related to consumer services and technology.

Among the individual squares the best remains Frankfurt (+ 2.8%), followed by Paris (+ 1.8%) e Milan (+ 1.5%, Ftse Mib 23,359 points) with the evidence in the first place of Leonardo (+ 11%), Iveco (+9) and Tim (+ 7.7%).

Further back, among the price lists, London (+ 1.2%), as well as in the last few sessions.

The spread between BTP and Bund falls again and it reaches 158 basis points, with our ten-year yield just under 1.9 per cent.

The Petroleum with wti above 106 dollars (+ 0.33%) and brent close to 110 dollars per barrel (+ 0.5%).

The gas it moves without jerks while rising slightly. In Amsterdam the price is 132 euros MWh (+ 4.8%). In London it travels at 319 pence per thermal unit (Mmbtu) with a + 8%.