Stock Market Recommendations: Today’s Buy from Atlantia to Unidata

Banca Akrs currency buy:

Mfe with target price from 0.75 euros (Rtl it abandoned the plan to sell its controlling stake in the French broadcaster M6), Piaggio with a fair value of 3.50 euros (the quarterly report on 28 October), Pirelli with target price from 6 euros following the trend of the tire market in August, Reply with fair value from 157 euros (new acquisition in France), Stellantis with target from 17.50 euros (group registrations in Italy rose by 2.42% year-on-year in September against a general market figure that grew by 2.78%) and Unidata with objective from 65 euros after the semester.

Judgement accumulated also for Atlantia with fair value from 23 euros (Consob approved the offer document relating to the totalitarian voluntary takeover bid promoted by the Benetton family holding company, Editionwith Blackstonethrough Alpha scheme) And The sun 24 hours with target from 0.73 euros (partnership with Multiversity Group in education business).

Bestinver judges buy:

Atlantia with objective from 19-20 euros, Saras with target from € 1.60-1.70 following the benchmark trend relating to the refining margin, Stellantis with fair value from 26-28 eurosAnd Telecom Italia with target from € 0.68-0.78 (legal disputes for Oi in Brazil).

Equita assigns a buy to:

A2a with target price from 1.83 euros (acquired control of Sea Energy), Buzzi Unicem with target price from 24 euros (at the entrance into the Ftse Eb), Defense Tech Holding with objective from 5.30 euros (launched the first cipher for protection from quantum computer cyber attacks), Is in the with fair value from 7.50 euros (obtained the green light for the sale of the Russian assets to Lukoil), Eni with objective from 19 euros despite the possible negative implications on the Russian gas stop, Mediobanca with fair value from 12 euros (General explore a maxi-deal in the USA with the asset manager Guggenheim and could according to rumor sell Banca Generali to the institute of Piazzetta Cuccia to finance the deal), Nexi with target from 14 euros (the quarterly report on November 10th), Pirelli with objective from 6.20 euros And Stellantis with fair value from 20 euro.

Intesa Sanpaolo judges buy:

A2a with objective from 1.67 euros, Is in the with target from 9.10 euros, Innovatec with fair value from 3.40 euros in the wake of the semester, Lucisano Media Group with objective from 2.40 euros after the semester, Mediobanca with target of 11.50 euros, I dared with objective from € 5.90 after the semester, Saint Lawrence with fair value from 39.20 euros (acquired 529 treasury shares between 26 and 30 September) e Seco with target from 8.70 euroshowever, reduced from the previous 9.40 euros after the quarterly report.

Judgement add also for Brunello Cucinelli with objective from 55.30 euroshowever, cut from the previous 6210 euros in view of the quarterly report, Banca Generali with target from 32.90 euros And General with fair value from 18 euros.

Mediobanca evaluates outperform:

Is in the with objective from 7.80 euros, Erg with target from 38 euros (a 76 MW wind project was judged “Feed-in-Tariffs” in a recent Italian auction), Moncler with fair value from 75 euros (the quarterly on 26 October) e Tenaris with objective from 19 euros in the wake of the number of active oil wells in the US.

KT & Partners judges add:

Idntt with target from 5.50 euros after the half year e Maps with fair value from 5.10 eurosalso in this case in the wake of the six-monthly.

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