“Stop crying”: the Argentines respond with a petition to the French who accuse them of having won thanks to the referee

A week has passed since the World Cup final in Qatar, which saw Messi’s Argentina win on penalties over Mbappé’s France. However, the controversy does not subside, with the Argentines asking the transalpines to “stop crying” for the result. South Americans have even launched a Change.org petition, which has already gone over 650 thousand signatures to send the message to the French, who had in turn promoted a petition asking to replay the final, on the MesOpinions website. The appeal from beyond the Alps, however, did not have the same success as the Argentine one, the signatures collected, in fact, were around 227 thousand. “Since we won, the French have not stopped crying and complaining and do not accept that Argentina are world champions and that Messi is much better than Mbappè,” reads the Argentine petition, created by the fan Valentin Gomez. On the other hand, “the referee was completely sold”, reads the description of the French petition. “There has never been a foul + penalty on Mbappe in the second goal!”, continues the message.

The two petitions side by side

The performance of the referee

At the heart of the French complaints is the performance of the referee, the Pole Szymon Marciniak. Contested not only for the decision on Mbappe but also for that of granting a penalty for the foul by Ousmane Dembélé on Angel Di Marìa which occurred in the first half. Following the allegations, the race director held a press conference in which he explained and defended his actions. Failed with a 2/10 from the French sports newspaper The Team also for the alleged penalty denied to Thuram and above all for the 3-2 goal scored by Messi. The French contest the fact that the players of the Argentina bench entered the field to cheer before the pass crossed the goal line. In response, Marciniak said that the behavior of the French was “not serious”, as they failed to mention that, with Mbappé’s goal, as many as seven players from the French bench invaded the playing field. Finally, the French, specifically through the mouth of the president of the French football federation, complained about the excesses in the celebrations ofAlbicelestial.

Twitter / The referee shows the photo of the French substitutes as they invade the pitch after Mbappé’s goal

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