Stop for a historic Ford car | Here’s what model it is and why we won’t see it again

The US car manufacturer has made official news that amazed several insiders and beyond. What’s happened? Here is all the information relating to the production stop – from 2025 onwards – of a historic Ford car!

The gradual shift to electric is changing the plans of several car manufacturers in recent years. There is no exception Ford. Indeed, the American carmaker has decided to stop the production of a historic sedan, its real trademark! Which car is it?

Production stop for a historic Ford car

The production stop will take place from 2025. This is what the carmaker of the Blue Oval revealed. But which car are we talking about? Here is all the information about this news that emerged in the last hours!

The stop to production

Ford has made it official to everyone that one of the best-selling and most popular cars will cease to be produced in 3 years. We refer to the Ford Focus! The production start year of this car dates back to 1998, when it replaced the Ford Escort! Since then, the success of this sedan has been overwhelming and millions of people around the world have chosen to rely on the Focus’s excellent performance. But all this cannot happen from 2025!

The Ford Focus has been able to reinvent itself over the years and change according to the needs of the market! The success of this machine has been very high during these two decades and more of production. Despite this, the American brand has opted for a radical choice, mainly due to the transformation of the market. But why did you opt for a definitive stop?

The reasons for the stop

The reasons linked to the production stop mainly concern the drastic drop in sales of the car in the last period. Only 95 thousand, in fact, the registrations inherent to the Focus in 2021. A decrease of over 45% compared to the previous year. The numbers for 2022 also don’t seem to be any better. For this reason, Focus has decided to definitively close the production of this model that has made history from 1998 onwards!

Stop Ford Focus 26 September 2022
Stop the production of the Ford Focus from 2025 (Source: Google)

Furthermore, Ford’s choice to definitely focus on the electric in the near future was another definitive ‘blow’ for the Focus. From that date – 2025 – Ford will focus on two electric models based on Meb made in Cologne. In an interview released some time ago to ‘’, the general manager of Ford in Europe for electric vehicles – Martin Sander – had said this: “Sedans and stations are finished”. Very clear, direct and decisive words!

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