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Net downsizing of temperatures since Sunday

SATURDAY THE HEAT OF THE HEAT, THEN THEN THERMAL COOL. Once Saturday, the hottest day of this new African blaze of early August, is closed, temperatures will begin to drop from the northern regions as early as Sunday. In fact, relatively cooler currents will begin to flow from north-eastern Europe, which by Monday will have spread to our southern regions, putting an end to the great heat everywhere.

SUNDAY. In the Po Valley, it will not go beyond 27/28 ° C on the western sectors, 30/32 ° C on the eastern ones, with a loss of about 10 ° C compared to the previous 24 hours. The decrease will also be substantial in the Center, with the exception of lower Lazio where it will continue to be very hot and peaks of 37/38 ° C can still be reached. Still few variations instead in the South and on the major islands with peaks of 36/38 ° C on Salento, Materano, Cosentino and inland Cagliaritano.

Maximum temperatures on Sunday
Maximum temperatures on Sunday

MONDAY‘. The air exchange will also begin to affect Southern Italy with maximums not exceeding 32/34 ° C on Puglia and Ionian Calabria, peaks of 35/36 ° C will resist only on the inland areas of upper Calabria and on the inland areas of the islands major. On the other hand, there are few changes in the Center-North, except for a clear reduction in the lower Lazio where, compared to the previous day, about 5 ° C will be lost. The weather will be warm but bearableso much so that the maximums will oscillate around 30 ° C in Turin, 31 ° C in Milan, Verona and Foggia, 32 ° C in Bologna, 28 ° C in Florence, 32 ° C in Rome, 29 ° C in Pescara, 34 ° C in Naples, 30 ° C in Bari.

Maximum temperatures on Monday
Maximum temperatures on Monday

TUESDAY‘. While in the North and in the regions of the upper Tyrrhenian the temperatures will return to gain a few degrees, even without excess heat, in the South they will continue to decline and it will rarely exceed 30 ° C on the peninsular areas. The highest values ​​will be reached on the major islands, with peaks of 34/35 ° C on the internal Catania area, 36 ° C on the internal Cagliari area.

Do you want to know if there will be wind in your area? We also have national and regional wind maps available. Click here for details >> Twenty.

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