Stop playing this League of Legends champion, new rifts have ruined their win rate

Since the arrival of patch 14.1 League of Legends, these changes continue to roll out and are starting to affect parts of the game meta. This update changes parts of Rift’s top lane, but has a huge impact on one of the champions without even touching it.

Illaoi is the latest champion to be affected in League of Legends

this Summoner’s Rift There hasn’t been such a profound change since 2014, so it’s been a while since the road width increased. This gives lanes more room to avoid congestion, but it also affects how certain roles are played.The situation is like this Illaoi, the Siren Princessand her tentacles, a side case included in this update weakened Pass patches without actually being part of the changelist.

Growth on the road means Illaoi’s Tentacle coverage is now lower than before. They are placed on the walls of the lane, waiting for players to pass by, dealing damage and slowing down the character. Now, it’s easier to avoid these types of traps because the paths are wider and the tentacles cover enemies less.

This resulted in Siren Princess loses advantage In melee combat, especially in the top lane, causing the character’s health to drop by 5% The winning rate reaches 45%. It remains to be seen whether Riot will tweak Illaoi in some way in the future to put power back into her abilities, or if the community will find another way to use her in the game.

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