Stopped in traffic with Ferrari: the 22 thousand euro watch slipped off his wrist!

A common gesture, like putting your arm out of the car window, can be expensive. To a Milanese business consultant it cost 22 thousand euroswhich to be exact is the value of the beautiful Bulgari Roma chronograph limited edition that was stolen from him. The robbery took place on the Pirelli flyover, the bridge between via De Marchi and via Breda that overlooks the tracks in the Greco Pirelli area at Northern outskirts of Milan.

The 38-year-old was driving a splendid Ferrari Portofino, too beautiful not to be noticed in a queue in traffic. And as such she was also noticed by a couple of thieves. The man was approached by a boy, wearing a helmet, who he took the watch off his wrist and ran away on the scooter led by the accomplice. Impossible to chase him, the two disappeared in a few moments.

Not the first case

And this is only the latest of the snatching of precious watches that has reached the columns of the Milanese and national news. And 24 hours earlier a practically identical blow had occurred in viale Umbriawhere a 42-year-old Swiss had been robbed of his 35,000 euro Audemars Piguet after a man on a moped he had “touched” the mirror of his Audi. Even in that case there were two criminals and they fled with a scooter. Given the operating mode, it is not excluded that they are the same criminals.

More and more watch snatching in Milan

A few nights earlier, the misadventure befell an American tourist who saw a man stolen from his wrist Rolex Daytona, worth 27 thousand euros. The 35-year-old was walking in via Marconi when he was approached by two young North Africans with an excuse. The two sprayed pepper spray on his face and then stole his watch. Fortunately for him, a passer-by, seeing the scene, immediately called the carabinieri who managed to quickly identify the robbers and return the watch to its rightful owner. He amazes the young age of one of the thieves, 12 years old. The child has now been placed in a recovery community.

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