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In addition to the doc Ischitans around the mid-sixties, Neapolitan traders also arrived, some of whom I have already described as the Scaglione, the Lambitelli, the Pipolo, Umberto of the pizzeria in Piazza Croce. So also the Sgambati family arrived in Ischia in 1968 with Ciro who at first wanted to start a shoe shop that was in front of the Lucia cinema, and stayed in Ischia until that shop was bought by the current owner. When he was thinking of returning to Naples, Ciro with the help of his friend Gianni Lambitelli, managed to rent the shop in Via Roma in front of the tobacconist owned by the Giusto family and to open the first Judith, which immediately had great success with excellent customers who bought luxury shoes. The work increased between shops, parades in hotels and participation in fairs for new purchases. So also his brother Tommaso arrived. These were incredible years for Ischia and for them that they continued to focus on luxury footwear.All this lasted until the eighties when, for various reasons, the brothers separated and Tommaso remained in the shop in Corso Vittoria Colonna Judith Maior and Ciro opened one. always in Via Vittoria Colonna in front of Giulio Lauro’s shop with whom he became a great friend. These families were part of my and our days and their children fit in well and practically grew up here and some even married here.Tommaso married to Antonietta had four children Lino, Ciro, Giuditta and Monica. Ciro the first Sgambati came to Ischia, and died years ago, married Antonietta Fusco and they had three children Bruno, Filippo and Rosario.Many of the Sgambati boys were my students starting from Giuditta to Ciro up to Bruno, Filippo and Rosario. Polite and very reserved pupils a little more lively Ciro with that beautiful doll face that I liked so much and that I always present with an incredible smile.

Giuditta with her blond curls framing a beautiful and sweet face and the three children of Ciro so calm, so polite and always ready to learn and help friends in difficulty, I have frequented and known Monica less but I can say that she too is like all Sagambati. Lino Sgambati we can say that he feels from Ischia for how much he has been integrated with all the Ischia boys of my sisters’ generation. Another Sgambati has remained in the footwear sector and is married to one of the Buonocore twins who are also part of the family part of the shoe factory sector.I wrote for you because our course in the seventies became more beautiful thanks to your shops and because you were part of us and true friends .. and the beach of San Pietro welcomed you as it did with all of us.

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