Storm on BBC journalist, Johnson – World forfeit rejoices

One of the most well-known faces of BBC News is storming: veteran anchorwoman Martine Croxall has come under disciplinary investigation by the British public broadcaster for a “potential breach of impartiality” complete with suspension from the conduct of programs. The accusation is that of having openly rejoiced in the course of ‘The Papers’, the usual press review she conducted, commenting on the news on the former conservative premier Boris Johnson who last night gave up the race for the Tory succession to the resigning Liz Truss, won today by Rishi Sunak. Croxall has done nothing to conceal what appears to be her political preferences.

In his introduction to the program that started at 10.30pm he said: “Well, it’s all very exciting, isn’t it? Welcome to our look into the future of what the newspapers will bring us tomorrow. Can I be so excited? Well, I am.” Speaking with his guest journalists from the front pages of the newspapers, he stressed that they certainly did not already have the news about Johnson’s forfeit that had arrived about an hour and a half earlier. Croxall went further, however, almost self-accusing.

Responding to a joke about Johnson made by a guest, he said: “I probably shouldn’t laugh. I’m probably breaking a rule of fairness by giggling.” In fact, there have been protests from viewers on social media and also those of many conservative MPs who have re-launched the accusation made in the past against the broadcaster’s journalists of not being impartial.

Former minister of culture and Johnson’s loyalist Nadine Dorries said on Twitter that this is evidence of widespread prejudice in the broadcaster. The BBC had to intervene by taking action on its journalist and recalling that “it is essential to maintain the highest editorial standards”. A justification was also sought by stating that it is unclear whether Croxall was referring to BoJo’s renunciation or the rapidly evolving political news in the UK. However, it remains a serious fact that it is not by chance that it has led to a disciplinary investigation and new criticisms against the BBC.