Storm on Pfizer, investigates the Guardia di Finanza: what is happening

Pfizer Italy under the magnifying glass of the local authorities. The pharmaceutical giant now known for having distributed one of the anti-Covid serums, would have hidden about 1.2 billion in profits in the pre-pandemic period, transferring them from its Italian headquarters. These, at least, are the suspicions of the Guardia di Finanza, which believes that part of these profits have been shifted to the United States and the Netherlands.

To report the disconcerting news, citing people informed about the facts, is Bloomberg, a multinational operating in the mass media sector with headquarters in New York and branches around the world. The news agency also reports that the investigations carried out by the Italian authorities would relate to the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. To confirm the news is also Handle.

Everything is still to be verified. The yellow flames, in collaboration with the Revenue Agency, have decided to initiate checks on Pfizer Italia Srl, based outside Rome, for alleged displacements of capital to foreign branches. Actions aimed at avoiding taxes on profits. The target sites would be Pfizer Production LLC and Pfizer Manufacturing LLC, based in Delaware.

There tax verification is in progress, and the outcome is not known at the moment. The checks will go on and we will see in the coming days what the results of the investigations will be and how the Italian authorities will move.

Asked by BloombergPfizer’s spokesperson Pam Eisele stated that the pharmaceutical company “is up to date with the payment of taxes and complies with the requirements requested by Italy“.

The Italian tax authorities regularly monitor and investigate Pfizer taxes, and the company cooperates with such audits and investigations“, then added the spokesperson.”Pfizer complies with Italian tax laws and regulations“he concluded.

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