Storms in Buenos Aires: Warnings for storms and heavy rain | Flooding in La Plata

Shelter Centers and Clubs for La Plata Victims

As a refuge The city of La Plata realized three centers For nearby residents who need to evacuate:

  • Los Hornos Development Center 137 between 61 and 62
  • Club Circumbarathion de 7 between 77 and 78
  • Club Melchor Romero, address 517, between 171 and 172.

In addition, Development Centers and Neighborhood Clubs I opened an office to protect victims.

  • Olympia Club – 142 and 66
  • Club Aconcagua – 69 between 4 and 5
  • Club Chacarita Platence – 30 between 73 and 74
  • Las Rozas Community Center – 70 and 149
  • Club Romerense – 517 between 170 and 171.

Clubs, churches and schools provide shelter and receive donations for victims of La Plata

Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata, 10 Neighborhood Clubs, Union Headquarters, Church, Basic Unit they opened their headquarters make a toast Receiving shelter, food, and donationsfor those affected temporary The incident was registered in the aforementioned city and affected more than 1,000 households.

“Due to the storm, we would like to inform our members that today, our headquarters (Sports Center, RobotShop, Member Services Office) and our corporate headquarters will be closed for customer service and sports activities. El Bosquecito and Estancia Chica.Donations will only be accepted for storm-affected families‘, he said. Gymnastics and Fencing Club La Plata on his official Twitter account.

The government of Buenos Aires issued an order to direct the incident at the Single Stadium

The Buenos Aires government incident command based on Diego Armando Maradona Unique Stadiumin La Plata, from A place where the situation is monitored and relief efforts are coordinated.

The Rescue Directorate of Police, Firefighters, Emergencies and Civil Defense leads in coordination with other areas of the State Cabinet.

“The measures focus on air and ground surveillance, evacuation and assistance to victims,” ​​the government statement detailed.

Over 1,300 homes affected by storms in La Plata and Berisso

one or more300 families from La Plata and Berisso Heavy rainfall, which is still on record in the region, caused river flooding and level declarations. “Orange” warning due to falling water of 155 mm.

he Ministry of Regional Development As a result, the government of Buenos Aires reported that: Storms affecting different parts of the state Support work at evacuation centers and area surveys for critically ill patients.

Affected areas include: The cities of La Plata, Belliso, Quilmes and La Matanza.

A yellow alert service was introduced by the city

The government of Buenos Aires has sent youNo yellow alert service scheduled Through the joint work of civil defense, firefighters, city police, logistics, volunteers, transport, rainwater and other forces within the framework of the storm.

“Several storms piled up in the northern part of the city, causing a lot of water. Some places are flooded, but we are working together in various places.” was expressed. Civil Defense Director Alberto Carita.

“The northern zone is the most complex, the lowest in the city, has some problems and is undergoing emergency measures,” he added. However, the Rio de la Plata has downspouts that allow the water to drain easily. “

at the moment, No serious injuries have been reported.they pointed out from the Buenos Aires government.

Aeroparc emergency alert lifted and operations resumed

Jorge Newbery Airport emergency alert lifted Weather conditions will improve and flights will begin to gradually return to normal, but the impact of delays and cancellations will continue today and into tomorrow.

after 4pmWhen the rain intensity diminishes and electrical activity in the area ends, It was decided to lift the alert state that prevented ramp activityThis made it impossible to deal with aircraft that landed or failed to take off with passengers left on board. At that point, activity on the track resumed.

The storm affected more than 150 flights between Ezeiza and Aeroparque, with major delays and cancellations at airports in the metropolitan area..Only Aerolineas Argentinas canceled 92 flights until 3pm More than 11,000 passengers were affected.

company JetSmart records more than 25 flight cancellations, dozens of Flybondi suffer the same fateTo this must be added the regional flights of LATAM, GOL and Sky Airlines, which were also affected by bad weather.

Flooding La Plata: ‘We have latent memories of 2013’

journalist belen bartoli He detailed the situation in the city of La Plata, where heavy rains have continued since Wednesday this week.

“It’s been raining for over 12 hours in La Plata. It’s been raining for a while, but it’s been raining. When it rains, it’s a lot. It’s sad, it’s hard.Bartoli pointed out in a dialogue with AM750.

In this sense, he explained, the areas most affected by rainfall are the “marginal” areas such as Ángel Echeverri and Los Hornos, two of the most affected areas. “More than 60 people have been evacuated, including families living near the El Gato river,” he said.

Similarly, Bertoli explained that hydropower works carried out after the 2013 floods “helped” with what happened on Thursday. However, the problem this time is the amount and strength of the water. “What we are all doing in La Plata is praying that it will never rain again, because we have latent memories[of 2013]. Let it keep raining like this.” Nothing will prevent it from raining again,” he lamented.

Finally, the journalist said, in addition to “many flooded roads,” it was recommended that people stay home.

Orange and Yellow Alerts: Map

orange alert: SMN indicates that hazardous weather events are expected for society, life, property and the environment.

yellow alarm It is due to the “possibility of weather events with the risk of causing damage and temporarily interrupting activities of daily living.”

Red Cross Volunteers Help Evacuees in La Plata

Argentinian Red Cross Society has set up a National Emergency Operations Center (COE) at its La Plata subsidiary, from which it monitors the region and works to process rapid and detailed assessments of emergencies that enable an appropriate response.

Previously, the emergency response team consisted of 40 volunteers It keeps increasing until the task is completed.they currently support 70 or more People in nearby evacuation shelters oven We will also assist other community-run refugee centers, such as religious institutions in the affected areas.

Flights in Ezeiza are normalized

In addition, the following Aeroparque-operated flights will be diverted to a fully-occupied platform at a metropolitan airport:

  • AR 1863 (USH)
  • AR1603 (MDQ)
  • AR 1867 (FTE)
  • AR 1443 (CTC)
  • AR1261 (GIG)
  • AR 1669 (CPC)
  • WJ3460 (USH)
  • AR 1413 (MDZ)
  • WJ3495 (SLA)
  • WJ3641 (CRD)
  • AR 1687 (BRC)
  • AR 1672 (CPC)

Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway: La Plata descent will be possible

Obasa responded to users who inquired about entering the city, one of the areas hardest hit by Thursday’s storm.

Video: How the road floods at City Bell

Residents of the city of La Plata and surrounding areas shared images of flooded streets after the strong storm that affected the entire region. On social media, one user shared the streets of Citybel from his car.

A tree fell in Chacarita, crushing a parked car

Trees were uprooted and destroyed sidewalks. The car was shredded and parked at the intersection with Oleros on Forest Avenue. They presume there was no one in the car. Firefighters are on site.

About 110 flights affected by Aeroparque and Ezeiza

between two airfields 93 flights delayed, 27 canceled, 7 diverted to airport As an alternative when landing is not possible due to bad weather.

In either case, the impact is the result of electrical activity at the airport, forcing a disruption of all kinds of work on the runway so that ramp services such as assisting, picking up and picking up aircraft cannot be performed. Receiving luggage.

Electrical activity was more intense at Jorge Newbery Aeroparque, but was less intense and intermittent at Ezeiza, continuing without permission for activity on the ramp this afternoon.

They raise La Plata’s alarm to orange

The city of La Plata has raised its rain alert level to ‘orange’. August records for the last 60 years, it still rains down on the capital, Buenos Aires, causing river flooding and the evacuation of residents. Meanwhile, state governments have set up Incident Commands to monitor the situation and coordinate assistance.

“Heavy rains have already caused flooding and flooding in key areas,” the local hydrometeorological bureau said.Gust winds of 60-70 km/h will be recorded, and the situation will gradually recover from the afternoon.”.

As detailed, the ‘Naranja’ NAR implies the risk of temporary flooding of roads, homes and businesses. Evacuation possibilities and meeting place attendance. Temporary disruption of communications, power and traffic.

Faced with this situation, the official recommendation is to pay special attention to vulnerable populations (children, the elderly and persons with disabilities). Keep animals in protected areas. Be prepared to go somewhere safe. If rain gets inside your house, cut off your electricity, gas and water supply.

How long does the rain last in CABA?

SMN expected this Thursday they wait storm Strong mornings, afternoon and evening rains and showers with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 15°C. 17 degrees.
he Friday it will be cloudy and if it doesn’t rainat least 11 degrees, up to 16 and Wind From the southwest reachable to 50km/h.
on the other hand, Saturday would be the wind is strong, the temperature is from 5 degrees to 15 degrees. It is not expected to rain.

14 areas affected by strong storms in La Plata

The Buenos Aires provincial government reported that the areas most at risk were: Los Hornos, Melcho Romero, Lisandro Olmos, Avast, San Carlos.

And that the shelter became available. In the municipality he had three shelters at 137 and 63 (Los Ornos). Between 77 and 78 (Villa Elvira) is 7, between 171 and 172 is 517 (Melchor Romero)

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