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After the competition in Cannes 2021, the story of my wife by Hungarian director Ildikò Enyedi, “a film about love, passion, adventure, about the thousand colors of life” arrives from April 14 from Other Stories. After receiving the Camera d’Or in Cannes for My 20th Century and the Golden Bear in Berlin for Body and Soul, Oscar nominee for best foreign film, Enyedi with My Wife’s Story tells the complexity of a couple’s relationship, writing an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Milan Füst and choosing an extraordinary cast: Léa Seydoux, Gijs Naber, Louis Garrel, Sergio Rubini, Jasmine Trinca. Set in the 1920s, it is the story of Jakob Störr and his wife Lizzy. Storr is a hardworking sea captain, dedicated to his work and respected by all. One day, while in a café with a friend, he bets with him to marry the first woman who enters the café. This is how Jacob meets Lizzy, his future wife. A simple bet, made almost for fun, will change Captain Störr’s simple and disciplined life forever. From the bridges, he suddenly finds himself with Lizzy in an apartment in Paris, although he doesn’t know much about her mysterious wife. The new married life, however, proves more complex than expected. Captain Störr’s tranquility is shattered by the increasingly obsessive search to understand an elusive woman, who doesn’t let anyone tell her how to live.
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A film that tells the different ‘faces’ of a relationship, love, passion, the subtle game between attraction and rejection, between trust and doubt. “It’s no use waiting for life to be in harmony with you, you have to accept the harmony of life or life will punish you,” Lizzy tells her husband. “Milan Füst offers us a story, a roller coaster ride of emotions. He takes us through the emotional investigation of Jakob Störr with the suspense of a good detective story. But the essence of the book is the search for how to live our very fragile life.
We must accept and appreciate that life cannot be controlled. It is more elusive, mysterious”, says the director. It is an international co-production signed for Italy by Palosanto Films with Rai Cinema. (ANSA).