Straight cut hair – 10 hairstyles ideas

Straight cut hair - 10 hairstyles ideas

Hair cut straight fits almost everyone – especially owners of thin strands. It is hardly surprising: such a cut gives the impression of denser, much less jagged tips. Here are ten straight cut celebrity hairstyles for you to choose from! Don’t worry: you’ll find something for both long, medium and long hair.

Do you have long but very frizzy hair? A straight cut to the chin will hit the spot. When you get rid of the frayed ends, your hair will take on a healthy look. Or maybe you have long dreamed of shortening your hair, but are afraid of the image of a tomboy? Straight cut short hair can look feminineo – just look at the list of the stars who wear them:

  1. Kaia Gerber – Supermodel Cindy Crawford’s daughter looks youthful and sexy in a short bob. This hairstyle can be worn behind the ear to emphasize the distinct cheekbones, or worn sideways, for a slender round face effect.
  2. Not sure if equal length hair suits you if you have curly or wavy hair? Look for photos of Rihanna wearing a long bob – when she cut her waves evenly and short, she looked phenomenal. This cut is suitable for women with a tanned or darker complexion – it is reminiscent of summer holidays and hair wavy from the sea water.
  3. If you have a side parting and you don’t know if hair cut straight to your shoulders or chin will suit you, take a look at Cara Delevigne. The British model and actress looks feminine in this hairstyle, but at the same time: aggressive. So if you like a rocky look, try a short straight cut with an asymmetrical parting.
  4. Do you like shoulder length best? See Margot Robbie! The blonde in combination with a straight cut added delicacy. So, if you need to soften your facial features, bright color and a straight hair cut are a good combination!

Bladed straight hair is a compromise between the ease of a short bob and the majesty (but also the weight) of very long hair. Unfortunately, this type of length crumbles most easily. Finally, at shoulder height, we wear the strap of the purse or zip the jacket, and tighten the car belt across the breasts … So let’s cut them straight and focus on securing your hair every day!

What popular people wear such a cut?

  1. Mila Kunis – the actress looks great in a straight cut. Her hair is heavy by nature, so a half-length cut gives it lightness – too long strands could be flattened. So if you complain about a lack of volume with long hair, a half-length cut can change your image.
  2. Emma Stone’s straight-cut hair can be styled any way you like thanks to the fact that it is semi-long. When the actress smoothes her hair, it will be perfectly straight, when she twirls it will turn into Hollywood waves.
  3. Do you have thin strands and you think that hair of the same length does not suit you? Look at Kate Hudson. All you need is a proper styling that adds volume to make even the finest, straight-cut hair appear thicker.

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Do you like wearing hairstyles with loose hair? When you brush your hair straight back, everyone will start to think that you are a real hair maniac. Perfectly cut ends work for the benefit of long hair – do not grow frayed ends as long as you have a ponytail as long as possible, as it takes away the healthy appearance of your hair. Evenly cut long hair is easier to grow further: if you cut split ends and start to protect your hair with silicone serum, you will be able to wait up to a year with your next visit to the hairdresser.

Look at examples of stars that wear this cut:

  1. Kylie Jenner – natural or extended? It’s important that it’s long. A high ponytail, waves, nostalgic hairstyles (70s or 80s and lots of hair: we love it!) – anything goes for this cut. If you want to extend your hair, just like Kylie, remember to choose the highest quality hair, non-invasive method and the right weight (too much weight on the natural hair, causing damage).
  2. The redheaded Madeline Petsch proudly wears her straight cropped hair. She usually adds volume to them by twirling thick waves, but when straightened, they look just as beautiful. If you have auburn hair, don’t hide it from the world – feel free to go for a longer, straight cut.
  3. Is the only straight haircut that women in their prime can choose from a bob? Nothing could be more wrong! It is true that hair may weaken after menopause, but nothing prevents you from taking care of it with increased force and growing it. Just look at Demi Moore: the 58-year-old star still proudly wears her long, straight-cropped hair.

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How to cut your hair straight at home? Hairdressing scissors will come in handy. Don’t cut your hair with paper scissors – they are shaped inappropriately and will crush the hair instead of cutting it sharply. It’s best if you buy new scissors from the warehouse for about PLN 80-120. Models that have been left at home for several years may become unusable, especially if they have fallen at least once.

What about the razor? Its blades are not sharp enough, especially if your partner or family member uses such equipment on a daily basis. If you want to shorten your hair very much, you can pre-cut it with a clipper. However, you should even them with scissors, so that the ends are sharp, and therefore more resistant to splitting.

Let’s get to the point! You can get straight hair in just a few steps:

  1. Wet your hair with water. Tie them in a high ponytail close to your forehead (not in the middle of your head).
  2. Apply the second elastic at the height you want to cut, taking into account a difference of + – 1 cm (wet hair is heavier and therefore longer). Make sure that the hair is tied straight, i.e. there are no knots between the elastic bands.
  3. Grab the ponytail stretched upwards and straighten it. Cut the section above the other rubber band, keeping the scissors perpendicular to the hair.
  4. Let your hair down and comb it. Stand in front of the mirror and straighten the ends. You can cut loose hair, or you can grab a strand with your fingers, lift it up to eye level and cut “in sight”.

What if you want your hair cut straight to your neck? The ponytail method doesn’t work for very short cuts: after all, you don’t have a way to catch all your hair in a rubber band. In such a situation, you have to cut strand by strand aligning with each other. You will need a mirror or someone to help you, and as a last resort – you can compare the back with the front using a ruler.

And how? Will you decide on evenly cut hair?

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