Straight hair – how to get it? Home remedies for straight hair

Many of us dream of smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair. In order to achieve this effect, the straightener is most often in motion. As a result, hair is indeed straight, but this solution also has the other side of the coin. The more you use the straightener, the weaker the condition of your hair – even if you don’t see it at first glance. Fortunately, you can have straight hair without using a straightener. There are several ways to do this! What kind? We advise!

Using a straightener is the easiest way to achieve smooth and perfectly straight hair. However, heat styling has some real risks to the condition of the hair. Therefore, if you want to enjoy healthy-looking hair in good condition, you need to remember about several rules for using the straightener.

Firstly – test as much as possible the lowest temperature, the device copes with straightening the strands. Many of us set the temperature very high, bearing in mind that a straightener is better at straightening strands. However, depending on the hardware itself, as well as your hair, the same effect can be obtained by setting the device to a much lower temperature. This in turn will help minimize the risk of hair damage.

Secondly never straighten wet or damp hair. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. The plates of the straightener usually heat up to a much higher temperature. Straightening wet hair is a simple recipe to literally boil it!

Thirdly never do hot styling without protecting your hair with heat-protective preparations. High temperature causes hair to lose moisture. Heat-protective cosmetics “cover” the hair with a protective filter, thanks to which they are more resistant to high temperatures.

If you style your hair once in a while and care for it properly, it shouldn’t hurt. However, if the straightener is in your hand as often as a brush or a comb, sooner or later the condition and resistance of the hair will weaken. Hence, it is close to deep damage, which will require cutting. Therefore, whenever possible, try to replace hot styling with a different method of styling your hair – without exposing it to high temperature.

Straight hair, or undamaged hair?

Have you ever wondered why some people have naturally smooth, shiny, sensational weighted and loose hair, even though it does not straighten it? The appearance and condition of the hair is largely influenced by its porosity. What is behind this mysterious sounding phrase?

If you look at the hair under a microscope, you can see that each of them is along its length covered with scales – just like a fish skin or a pine cone. These cuticles can either sit tightly against the hair or stick out. The degree to which the cuticles are deviated from the hair is called porosity hair. The tighter they fit, the smaller the porosity, and thus – the hair is smoother, heavier, shiny and looks healthy. Such hair is referred to as low porosity. However, the greater the cuticle deviation, the finer the hairj dry, rough and dull. The more the cuticles stick out, the less resistant the hair is to external factors.

There are three types of hair porosity:

  • low porosity – it’s the healthiest hair. The cuticles adhere closely to the hair shaft, therefore the hair is well moisturized (moisture does not escape through the parted cuticles), and thus is healthy and resistant to external factors. Everyday hair care is aimed at bringing the hair to this state;
  • medium porosity – medium porosity hair combines the features of low and high porosity hair. Proper care can lead to low porosity. Be careful though, because it’s just as close the other way – if you don’t provide them with what they need, they can become medium porosity;
  • high porosity – high porosity hair is damaged hair. They are dry, rough and dull, and also prone to damage. You will also recognize them by the fact that they frizz and twist under the influence of moisture, and also dry very quickly. They require special, regenerating care to close the scales, and thus strengthen the strands and give them shine and elasticity.

Hair low porosity this healthy, smooth hair, naturally simple due to the fact that they are moisturized and weighted down. So, if you are wondering what to do to keep your hair straight, the first thing to do is take care of proper care. If they are damaged, dry and dull, as well as twist and frizz when exposed to moisture, treating them with a straightener will only aggravate the problem. The basis is therefore their hydration and regeneration.

If your hair is low porosity, you probably don’t need advice on straight hair – because “low porosity” is natural. It happens, however, that they nevertheless wave and are unruly. Most often this is due to going to bed while they are still wet or damp. Rubbing against the pillow and sleeping in different positions causes the strands to deform, twist, wave and frizz. So to avoid this effect, go to bed with your hair well-dried! Another important issue related to sleeping in wet hair is that the hair is then fluff, which makes it much more vulnerable to mechanical damage than dry hair.

Your hair is straight by nature, but sometimes it becomes frizzy and needs to be straightened? Have you gone to sleep in wet hair and you can’t control it in the morning, so you want to straighten it? Do you have a typical “bad hair day” and wonder what to do to keep your hair straight? There are a few simple ways to do this!

One of them is wetting hair, and then brush them with a mixed-bristle brush (standard needles + natural or synthetic bristles) or made of bristles only. The water will soften your hair a bit, making it more manageable. This is one of the easiest ways to straighten your hair naturally.

Another way to get straight hair without using a straightener is pspraying them along their entire length with a spray conditioner – preferably with a large amount of oils. Oils do real miracles in hair care, especially high porosity. They moisturize, soften and elasticize the hair, making it more manageable at the same time. That is why oils are one of the best ways to smooth your hair, nourish it and protect it from external factors. Oils also perfectly weight hair down, thanks to which the strands will remain smoothed and weightedand therefore better upright.

If you dry your hair after washing, it’s also a good time to straighten the strands. It is best if you choose a dryer with cold breeze. It will also dry the strands (it may only take a few minutes longer), and the hair will be less prone to damage than when exposed to hot air. If you want naturally straight hair, take care of that already in washing time. Use shampoos and conditioners, and masks with oils and keratin. Thanks to this, the hair will be well-weighted and moisturized after washing, and thus the straightening effect will be easier for you to achieve.

Dry your hair first head down – in this way you will dry the strands from underneath. Then dry the individual strands by pulling them out on the brush (straight, not round). Thanks to this, the hair after drying will not be disheveled, on the contrary – it will be nicely smoothed, and thus straight. After drying your hair spray them conditioner with oils, also dent the hair ends. You can also apply the oil to the entire length of your hair. Just rub a small drop between your fingers and comb the strands with them.

Do you want the effect of straight, smooth and shiny hair to last all day? In addition to weighting them down with oils, it is also worth reaching for various conditioners and sprays that will help you achieve and maintain the desired effect. Choose products that contain ingredients known to moisturize, smooth and weight your skin. So the conditioner in spray with silkand also with keratin. Both ingredients perfectly weight and shine the hair, and keratin additionally fills in cavities, making the strands look even better.

If you have hair medium porosity or high porositywhich are frizzy and wrinkled under the influence of moisture, remember about securing them against external factors. Hair cosmetics containing silicones are a matter of debate. Some people think that silicones unnecessarily burden and stick to their hair, while others cannot imagine leaving the house when it is damp outside, without a silicone conditioner. In fact – silicones help protect the hair from moisture so that the strands do not react to it and remain straight!

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