Straight haircuts: spring / summer trends

Never gone out of fashion, they are currently among the most popular. Straight hair is updated from season to season, with cuts that best enhance straight looks.

So irresistibly trendy that even the Duchess of Cambridge has (temporarily) put her wavy hair looks aside to show off ultra sleek hair at the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. Assuming anyone has ever lost sight of them, straight hair is at the top of the trends for this spring / summer. Let’s see some of the more voguish hairstyles.

Straight hair: long with bangs

We have no doubts: the American actress Sydney Sweeney knows how to wear straight hair. How to define his cut? Maybe an (ultra) long bob with bangs. Whatever its name, it manages to fully enhance the sleek character of a hairstyle that takes advantage of the sharp curves of the maxi fringe to highlight a composed, tidy cut that borders on formal perfection.

Also Lily Collins, one that is second to a few in terms of trends, has chosen a straight haircut, not very different from that of Sydney Sweeney. Here too it is the fringe that dominates, but the outcome is slightly different: more naturalness, less geometry.

Straight hair: Nineties nostalgia

If there is an artist who, more than others, embodied the glamorous style of the nineties… that was Gianni Versace. History recurs, and the legendary “sleek straight” of the period, the long smooth runway of the 90s, comes back to life at the last Grammy’s, with Dua Lipa And Megan Thee Stallion. Blond or brown, the style does not change: central line and a slight wet effect.

Another tribute to the nineties, again from Versace and from the last Milan fashion week: central line, zero volume and prominent fringe are the most frequent options for straight haircuts seen on the catwalk.

Mullet and Long Bob

The much talked about mullet is back in 2022 in the coolest version, the smooth and soft one. This version puts aside the scaling, a characteristic feature of the cut, to prefer lengths and highlight the fringe, the protagonist of many haircuts this year.

Even the long bob this year has returned to being “straight” after a long period in which the wavy variant prevailed. What is the trendiest long straight bob? The internal curvature is barely hinted at, while the “frame” of the face is characterized by different scalesstarting from the (half) fringe that blends in with the rest of the hair, at eye level.

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