Stranded Deep : Release period for Xbox One and PS4 version


There is a release period for the release of Stranded Deep on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Developer Beam Team has been working on the release of Stranded Deep on consoles for about a year .

Originally the title should appear in October of last year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. After the bankruptcy of Telltale Games, at that time the publisher, this was no longer possible.

Since then, the developer tried a publication, which, however, was associated with much work and the clarification of rights.

Recently, they hoped for a release of Stranded Deep in late 2019. Looking at the calendar but it becomes clear that this goal can not be achieved.

The latest update to the console version states that quality assurance and submission to platform operators such as Microsoft take time.

Currently, it is therefore from a publication in January or February 2020 from. If everything goes according to plan.

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