Strange images from the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins that was one of the coldest in history

Stadium lawn arrow It becomes ice cold. During the NFL’s “Wild Card Round,” kansas city chiefs and miami dolphins They competed in conditions that were nearly 30 degrees below zero wind chill.

This game went down in history one of the coldest Ranked fourth in the league. Extreme weather conditions leave a different postcard: frozen beards, broken helmets and refrigerators that prevent drinks from cooling completely.

Despite the difficulties, chiefs They defeated 26-7 dolphinthey are used to the sunshine in Miami, Florida.

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On social networks, different pictures of the game went viral.One of them is a frozen mustache Andy Reidwho is the coach of the team kansas city chiefs.Small layers of ice decorate the surface Reedwho fall victim to extreme temperatures.

Another postcard is frozen beer This “ruined” the fun for fans in the stadium. The drinks were filled with ice, there was no way they could be finished, and oddly enough, the venue’s refrigerator was even used to prevent them from freezing completely.

The Arrow also witnessed the moment its hull broke apart. patrick mahomesfrom the cold’s effect on the plastic and his run-in with Deshon Elliott dolphin.

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