Stranger Things, Euphoria, Outlander: these series delayed by the strike!

The screenwriters have been on strike for over 100 days now. And series like Stranger Things or Euphoria are late.

All the series you know are going to be way behind schedule. Stranger Things, Euphoria, not all of them will be released in time. For what ? A writers’ strike rages in Hollywood. And no one plans to lay down their arms just yet.

Writers’ strike continues in Hollywood

It has now been several months since a strike began in Hollywood. And this is very rare. But the screenwriters unite to ask for better salaries but also a protection of their jobs because of the new AIs.

Indeed, with the arrival of GPT chat and other software, this business could well be endangered. So, everyone faces so that rules are established. And this will create delays in your series like Stranger Things or Euphoria.

Because without screenwriters, it is impossible to continue producing. The strike has been going on for over 100 days. And productions like Marvel are falling behind. It’s not just series that are affected. Far from there !

Stranger Things for its part will not see its last season released immediately. Indeed, the last season was being filmed. But with the strikes, everything had to stop. The creators are counting on a quick agreement.

The writing is not finished when the filming begins, they said in a tweet in order to highlight the permanent work of the screenwriters over the filming to retouch this or that scene. We hope that a satisfactory agreement will be reached soon in order to return to work. explained the Duffer brothers.

Stranger Things, Euphoria, these series that are falling behind

Between season 3 and season 4 of Stranger Things, fans had to wait 3 years. This time, with the strike, it could be even more. Indeed, for the moment, no agreement is on the table. So everything is on hold.

All unions have joined the movement and even many actors. This is the case of Brad Pitt who joined the strike during his filming on a film concerning Formula 1. It is therefore a very important crisis in Hollywood.

After Stranger Things, The Last of Us season 2 is also late according to Deadline magazine. Everyone was hoping for a sequel soon, but that won’t be the case. Same for Euphoria.

Expected in 2024… the next season should not arrive on our screens until 2025. We will therefore have to wait. Likewise for Outlander, the scenario is not complete. So, the shooting cannot end. And everything hangs.

In a style other than Stranger Things, Emily in Paris is also falling behind. Usually the season comes out in December. But this time, it is the filming which will begin in December. So there should be a lot of delay.

In short, you will have to be patient. The only survivor of this strike: The Rings of Power on Prime Video. Season 2 is expected to release on the originally scheduled date. This is already good news! The rest will depend on the agreements. Case to follow in the coming weeks.

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