Stranger Things fan tells how she was ‘catfished’ by fake Dacre Montgomery aka Billy

An American by the first name of McKayla, originally from Kentucky, told in the YouTube show Catfished how she was the victim of a romance scam because of, in a way, a star of the series Stranger Things : Dacre Montgomery, the interpreter of the charismatic and intriguing Billy Hargrove. And it cost him dearly: several thousand dollars, and his marriage. But how did she get there?

Dacre Montgomery unwillingly complicit in a scam

Her marriage was not going well, she needed to find comfort, and it was on an online forum that this film lover thought she would find some. She quickly made the acquaintance of a certain “DK MH”. Who told him to be Dacre Montgomery. Initially a little skeptical to get in touch with an actor from Stranger Things – she is a fan of the series -, she gradually let herself be convinced that it was indeed him. “We hit it off really well straight away, although of course I was suspicious at first. Until he started doing things that made me think he was who he said he was. be”, explained McKayla. THE fake Dacre explained to him that he had problems with his girlfriend, model Liv Pollock: “He confided in me, telling me that she had a lot of control over him, that he couldn’t do what he wanted, that she (…)

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