Strangers Things 4: the other children like ‘Eleven’ that will appear in the new chapters


Allies or enemies? After the premiere of the first preview, information about the arrival of new characters that will soon arrive in Hawkins has been released

Netflix uprooted ‘ Stranger Things ‘ fans with the unveiling of the season 4 teaser. In addition to confirming that Jim Hopper is still alive and in a Russian labor camp, the video included the appearance of Tom WlaschihaGame of actor Thrones, like a soldier where Hopper is. But that would not be all.

As another novelty for the fourth installment of the successful series, it would be the inclusion of new characters. In the second season it had been confirmed what many fans speculated: in the universe of Stranger Things, Eleven is not the only girl with skills like his.

‘ Into the fire ‘ is the line of comics created from the success of the series. In it appear the characters ThreeNine and 9.5, other experiments of the Hawkins National Laboratory.

This creates the possibility that we will see the other children with special powers of the saga join Eleven to defeat Mind Flayer once and for all in the fourth season.

Watch the Stranger Things 4 teaser here:


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