Strawberry blonde is the hair trend for Christmas 2022

Hollywood has once again been seduced by a beauty trend. Dusted off from the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, the new obsession of the stars is strawberry blond, a delicate but perfect shade for Christmas.

A trend which seems to be destined not to fade for the next few months is that of strawberry blond. This romantic shade with a vintage allure has been relaunched by Kristen Stewart last year, on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. And it’s still beloved by celebrities, since Lucy Boynton to Nicholas Coughlan. This is also why, in fact, it seems to be there hair look trend perfect for Christmas.

Strawberry Blonde Kristen Stewart
Strawberry Blonde, Kristen Stewart. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Starting from its definition, the strawberry blond is not exactly part of the family total blonde, but rather it is a hybrid that falls somewhere between nuances. In itself, in fact, it contains several shades from blond to the coppery until the pastel pink. A graceful glamorous mixture that recalls, precisely, the period of strawberries. In English this trend responds to the name of Strawberry Blonde and it is a shade particularly appreciated by the stars on the red carpet. The last one to succumb to her charm was Lucy Boynton, who did her cut justice with a perfect color for the upcoming holidays. Take note: It might be the most glamorous hair trend for the holidays.

The strawberry blond conquers Christmas: word by Lucy Boynton and Nicola Coughlan

It comes across as a strongly summery shade, being more playful and delicate. But among the stars it has also spread like wildfire for the colder seasons and is destined to dictate the trend this winter too, especially during the Christmas time. This is not a new trend, as is usual in this sector, but it has been dusted off recently by Kristen Stewart. The latter has revived her bob cut moved on the red carpet in the Lagoon with a new shade, unprecedented for her hair. And that strawberry blonde soon captured the interest of other stars as well. A light and warm nuance, enveloping, almost tones of the apricot based on the degree of lightening.

Strawberry Blonde Lucy Boynton
Strawberry blond. Credits: Instagram/@halleybrisker – VelvetMag

To appreciate it was also Lucy Boyntonwhich debuted at the premiere of The Pale Blue Eye, new film with Christian Bale, with a new hair color that has gone viral on social media. The hair stylist did justice to the luminosity and color Halley Brisker, who promptly documented the look via Instagram. For the occasion, Lucy Boynton has collected the bob cut in one artistic bunlow and braided with a clasp spooky.

Nicola Coughlan trendy strawberry blonde
Strawberry blond. Credits: Instagram/@halleybrisker – VelvetMag

The shade chosen for Lucy Boynton is very similar to the copper one of Phoebe Dynevorbeloved actress especially in Bridgerton whose first season cast her as the protagonist. And she’s not the only one from the cast of the acclaimed Netflix TV series to have succumbed to the call of the strawberry blond. Also Nicholas Coughlanrecently showed off her voluminous bob cut with pastel shades. Also in her case, the hairstyle is the work of Halley Brisker. The actress, who plays Penelope in Bridgertonshe is used to changing her hair color as she plays a character in the TV series Red hair. Far from the set, on the other hand, she showed appreciation for platinum blonde but, in view of Winter 2022, she followed the strawberry blonde trend by chasing pastel shades.

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