Streaming July 2022: Spider-Man, Tenet


The most anticipated title of the month is, without a doubt, The Gray Man (2022). Ryan Gosling vs. Chris Evans. But July 2022 on streaming platforms gives us some other gems. Like Beauty. Or I run to you. All absolutely not to be missed.

From the biopic sports to horror comedy, from superheroes to spy cinema. It will be a July of great streaming cinema.

Looking forward to seeing Blonde from Andrew Dominik the biopic on Marilyn Monroebased on the novel by Joyce Carol Oateswhich will arrive in September, is right Netflix to have some flagship titles this month.

Here are the hottest movie titles you shouldn’t miss in July on major streaming platforms.

That is, the best – more or less – contemporary cinema visible on demand this month.

Some titles are already available, others you will find shortly in the coming weeks.

NETFLIX beauty film

A scene from Beauty by Andrew Dosunmu.

3 movies not to be missed that you can already find in streaming

On Netflix: Beauty by Andrew Dosunmu (2022)

USA, 1980s. The talented black gay singer Beauty (Gracie Marie Bradley) seems to have the chance of a lifetime when she is offered a record deal. But things get complicated when the girl realizes she has to compromise …

“When I sing, problems can also sit on my shoulder and I don’t even notice …” Sarah Vaughan said. It begins like this Beauty, with the words of one of the divine voices of black music. The protagonist girl will live above all in her “problems”: coming to terms with power, misunderstandings with the family, who struggle to accept her homosexuality, and even constant discussions with his girlfriend Jasmine (Aleyse Shannon), jealous of success.

Beauty by Andrew Dosunmu was written by the black LGBTQ + rights activist Lena Waithe. At times a bit didactic, but very contemporary (although set in the 1980s). It is interesting and emblematic that the protagonist “singer” is never heard singing by the spectator. As if life itself, in addition to the music business system, overwhelmed her art / identity. We see her on stage in front of the microphone in small, almost dreamlike and instrumental flashes …

The remarkable soundtrack black not original: from One Note Samba from Ella Fitzgerald to Come on Children Let’s Sing from Mahalia Jackson.

Bubba I toe

A scene from Bubba Ho-tep – The king is here. A unique comedy-horror.

On Amazon Prime Video: Bubba Ho-tep – The King is Here by Don Coscarelli (2002)

Just as the sensational is depopulated at the cinema Elvis from Baz Luhrmann has arrived on line a small cult of the “master of horror” Don Coscarelli, a film that has never been seen in our cinemas. It is the absurd and horror comedy Bubba Ho-tep: The king is here with Bruce Campbell.

Taken from a story by Joe R. Lansdaleimagine that – as per urban legend – Elvis Presley is not dead.

The man (Campbell) has in fact taken advantage of the death of one of his thousand doubles to take his place. The “King” was tired of the rock star life and took the opportunity to retire from the scene.

But now Elvis is in a clinic after breaking his legendary hip. Here, with the help of a black JFK, who himself never died (Ossie Davis), he will discover that an Egyptian mummy wanders around the nursing home sucking the souls of the elderly to stay alive. The “King” and JFK will try to stop the horrible creature.

The “Ho-toe” of the title refers to the Egyptian dynasties (3100-1550 BC). While “Bubba” is the nickname for “male” in slang of the Southern United States.

Eccentric, crazy and lysergic film, suitable for those in search of laughter “gore“, Strong emotions and some chilling thrills in this torrid summer …

RISE - the true story of Antetokounmpo

A scene from Rise – the true story of Antetokounmpo, a movie to miss even if you don’t like basketball.

About Disney +: Rise – The True Story of Antetokounmpo by Akin Omotoso (2022)

On Disney + it just came out Rise – The true story of Antetokounmpo, but it would be more correct to say “of the Antetokounmpo”, because it is an absolutely familiar tale. It is a biopic of fiction, based on real events: the story of the NBA super champion Giannis Antetokounmpohis siblings (four out of five of the young Antetokounmpo play basketball) and parents.

An incredible true story that starts from “before birth”, to get to today. Charles and Vera Antetokounmpo are a Nigerian couple who flee Lagos in 1990, separating from a swaddled child who is too young to make the journey. The two find themselves in Turkey where they escape real roundups of immigrants. They then find shelter in Greece. Here too they have to clash with anti-immigrant policies. Thanks to one of the four children born in Athens, Giannis, the family will be able to move to the USA in 2013.

“Giannino” (played by Uche Agada) becomes an NBA star: two-time best player in the league, winner of the title last year with the Milwaukee Bucks and MVP award of the 2021 Finals.

He laughed is directed by the Nigerian director Akin Omotoso. Even those who don’t like basketball should see this film to learn about the human odyssey lived by the family Antetokounmpoa life steeped in sweat and toil for survival, before success.

I run to you

An amazing Miriam Leone and a very nice scoundrel Pierfrancesco Favino are the protagonists of Corro da te by Riccardo Milani.

Pierfrancesco Favino and Miriam Leone in streaming from 4th July

On Amazon Prime Video, Sky and Now TV: Corro da te by Riccardo Milani (2022).

One of the best (bitter) Italian comedies of the year is coming in streaming.

I run to youremake of the Franco-Belgian comedy Everyone standing (2018), tells the story of Gianni (Pierfrancesco Favino), fifty-year-old bachelor, superficial and playboy. When her mother dies, the man goes to her apartment to get some things. He sits in the wheelchair in which the woman has spent the last few years of her life. The neighbor, Alessia (Pilar Fogliati), seeing Gianni in the wheelchair he is convinced that he is disabled. She will then introduce his sister Chiara (Miriam Leone), paraplegic.
The man first intends to conquer Chiara, cynically seeing her as a new prey. But then he unexpectedly begins to be infatuated with the girl …

Milani (Like a cat on the ring road, La guerra degli Antò) manages to make us smile sourly at life and at our daily superficiality.

Well done Favino and Leone in new clothes for them.

spider-man: not way home

Zendaya is MJ, Tom Holland is Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the latest Spider-Man adventure. Or the blockbuster Spider-Man: No way home.

From 15 July Tenet challenges Spider-Man: No way home

On Sky and Now TV: Spider-Man: No Way Home by Jon Watts (2020)

Between action comics, “multiverses” and meta-reflections (you will find three Spider-Man …), one of the funniest cine-comics of the genre.

What a story it tells Spider-Man: No way home? Spider-Man’s identity was revealed by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) at the end of the previous one Spider-Man: Far From Home. The hater of the Web attack with verbal violence Peter Parker (Tom Holland), girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) and the hero’s best friend, Ned (Jacob Batalon).
Peter then seeks help from Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), known in the adventures with the Avengers. From Dr. Strange, Parker asks for a spell that erases the memory of him from the memory of others. But something goes wrong … Opening the “multiverse”, various villains of the past return to threaten Spider-Man and the World.

Watts pushes the adventure in the direction of multiverses and the multiplication of characters and infinite possibilities. He injects copious doses of teenage romance and (more or less) nerdy humor. He thus manages to give new life to the character created by the lamented Stan Lee.

For true fans of the “web shooter”.


A scene from Christopher Nolan’s Tenet with John David Washington and Robert Pattinson.

On Netflix: Tenet by Christopher Nolan (2020)

Looking forward to the new film by Christopher Nolan (Oppenheimeron the scientist “father of the atomic bomb”), we can see or review his latest cinematic dream-nightmare-puzzle game, Tenetcoming up Netflix.

Whether or not you are a fan of the author of InterstellarNolan must be recognized for the ability to explore – visually – the dark and indecipherable folds of time and space.

Tenet it is a secret organization whose mission is the salvation of mankind. Hero (John David Washington) – this is his code name – is a CIA agent, recruited by Tenet. He has to investigate some bullets that inexplicably move back in time … In the enterprise he is helped by agent Neil (Robert Pattinson).

Be prepared for abstruse situations and various jumps back and forth in narrative time. Effective the couple of protagonists composed by the former football player JD Washington, son of Denzeland Robert Pattinson.

As if 007 collides with Inception and a rough and unmixed film would come out …

Ryan Gosling has been up against Chris Evans since 22 July

On Netflix: The Gray Man by Anthony and Joe Russo (2021).

Perhaps it is the most anticipated title among the unreleased titles arriving directly in streaming this month.

The Gray Man it is in fact directed by the superstar brothers Anthony and Joe Russoauthors of some contemporary hyper hits such as Avengers: Infinity War And Avengers: Endgamebut also of the underrated Cherry (visible on Apple TV +).

It is based on the bestselling novel Three days for a crime from Mark Greaney (ed. Newton Compton).

Tell the story of Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), former secret agent of the “Sierra” or “Gray Men” program, or the unofficial missions of theintelligence.

Gentry discovers that the ruthless Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) put a bounty on him and that Lloyd himself and the most dangerous hit men in the world are trying to kill him …

Also in the cast Regé-Jean Page, in his first major role after the worldwide success of Bridgerton. And parsley Ana de Armas.

The Gray Man it is a continuous and tight whirlwind of twists, bangs, explosions and chases. It cost $ 200 million, making it the most expensive Netflix Original movie of all time along with Red Notice.

Curious to find Chris Evans in the role of the villain on duty with an eccentric mustache.

Fasten your seatbelts…

Not Okay - Disney + movie

A scene from Not Okay.

From 29 July Zoey Deutch teaches us how to become famous

On Disney +: Not Okay by Quinn Shephard (2022)

The ultra ambitious Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch) is willing to do anything to achieve fame. It will start posting photos (fake and photoshoppate) of how she survived a (real) terrorist attack. In a short time she will acquire millions of followers, but the truth will end up haunting her, always “via social” …

Not Okay was written and directed by the American actress and director Quinn Shephard. With due differences and proportions, it is a kind of Mean Girls (2004) updated at the time of social networks. That is, how fame / obsession with popularity can make you a “colossal bitch”. Of course, with a more capable direction he could have been even more cynical and ruthless, but he still manages to effectively focus on many details of digital reality and its unspeakable monstrosities.

Let’s not close ourselves in bubbles …


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