Street Fighter 6 is getting closer. Luke is to be an important element of the new version of the brand

Capcom decided to introduce us to the new player in Street Fighter V. We already know that the character will be one of the key players in the continuation of the cult series of Capcom’s brawls.

Capcom has already announced that Luke, who is headed to Street Fighter V, will be one of the most important characters in the new installment of the Street Fighter series. We do not know yet whether the Japanese company is talking about a spin-off or about Street Fighter 6. Considering the long time since the release of the current flagship Capcom brawl (the premiere of SF V took place in February 2016), it is probably the sixth part of the brand. Capcom mentioned it to an announcement related to the future of the brand will come in 2022.

Back to Luke: The US character was presented in all its glory in a new trailer. Luke will be released in Street Fighter V November 29, 2021

Luke is the last character which joins the team of players from Street Fighter V. Capcom, however, ensures that in 2022 it will support its fight with further patches. After Luke is published, the Japanese company will introduce, among others an update improving the strength balance of all players.

Source: game-capcom-says

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