Streets of Rage 4 levels up excitement in new screenshots

Source: IGN

The sequel of DotEmu,  Streets of Rage 4 is back again with completely new screenshots. It was developed by Lizardcube and Guard Crush who are the popular makers of Streets of Fury. Being crafted by the Wonder Boy, this time Streets of Rage 4 will mark the return of Axel and Blaze characters with the others yet to be announced.

The interesting part is the hand-drawn sketch visuals first seen on IGN and developers have tried their best to maintain the epic retro look but with a touch of modern style thus making it simply beautiful. Players will have the opportunity to either play alone or with friends in the new mechanics. 

This time, Streets of Rage 4 comes with the new stories to fight through the way to the streets. The game is expected to be released in 2019 by the beat em’ up the franchise and is predicted to make space in the market dominated by the famous Sonic, Crash or Bandicool.  

Source: IGN




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