Streets of Rage 4 will arrive in Brazil, located in the Portuguese


Streets of Rage 4, the new game from the classic franchise, which appeared on the sega genesis in 1991, which will come to Brazil, fully localized in brazilian Portuguese.

This is the first time that Streets of Rage will be released in this country, with translations of the texts, the menu and user interface.

The distributor Dotemu has also confirmed on Friday (20) that, by Olivier Derivière, who has worked in the trila sound of The Plague’s Tale: Innocence, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, will act as a composer, the head of a Streets of Rage 4.

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As a way to celebrate the announcement, the four music tracks on the soundtrack for Streets of Rage 4 have been made available on Soundcloud.

For more about Streets of Rage 4, and check out what we thought of the game after a few hours of gameplay.

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